Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday Fun: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

One of the things I think will be fun as we go forward into a New Year, is to look back on our precious family memories...and find the "classic" moments that mean a lot to us and mark them in one way or another. I have decided to accept genealogist Amy Johnson Crew's national challenge to blog about an ancestor a week. In November 2016, when I participated in the 30 day writing challenge, I wrote about family and genealogy and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think this will be fun as well...

Week One's prompt is "Start."

Let's talk about Week 1 "Start." Some ideas include starting with yourself or whoever the "home person" is on one of your family trees. Maybe you focus on the person who got you started in genealogy or the ancestor you wanted to find first. You could talk about a relative who started a business. 

There are so many possibilities for this prompt...and so many people I want to write about. The one I will start with, however, is the one who is giving me the most trouble. His name is Richard Steele, and he is my great-great-grandfather. He was born circa 1805 in North Carolina (probably Rowan County). He was apparently married twice, and I descend from his second marriage...the great-granddaughter of the only child from his marriage to Parmelia Lightell, Benjamin Thomas Steele. The paper trail I have for Richard shows him in Rowan and Iredell counties, which is not surprising, since the part of Iredell he lived in was once part of Rowan. There are several of "my" Steeles in Statesville (Iredell County), North Carolina....but they are not (as far as I know) part of the other Steele family from that area...the Ninian Steele family, which is well documented. Since Steele is my maiden name, I am really hoping to break through this wall...and I have picked up a few more clues recently, so I have high hopes for the future! I will keep you updated as I move forward in 2018!!

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