Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day Twenty-Six: Movie Magic

Day 26: Pitch a movie about one of your ancestors. What interesting event do you want the film to portray? What kind of film will it be (drama, comedy, science-fiction, adventure)? What actor/actress would play your ancestor, and who would play the other characters? Be sure to give your film a title and tagline. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, write the movie’s preview and “hire” a director.

I am going to write about preparing the pitch as well as the pitch itself. Because I am so fascinated by my great-great-grandfather and his story I would definitely pitch the story of his life, which I already wrote a book pitch for, as a movie. I would adapt the book title, Elisha Robert Ragsdale-Standing Firm, to be more suitable for a motion picture. 

I'm Still Standing: The Robert Ragsdale Story is the story of a life of impossible odds. From childhood to adulthood, his was a story of resilience and hope. Brought to the big screen in glorious high-definition Technicolor and Dolby sound, it is a story that will surely sweep its viewers off their feet. Historic adventure at its finest, I'm Still Standing, moves its protagonist from a childhood in the countryside of South Carolina to the battlefields of Richmond, Virginia, at the height of the fighting in the War Between the States. Epic. Heroic. As inspirational in the 21st century as it was in the 19th.

Suggested casting:

Robert Ragsdale: Dermot Mulroney

Nancy Stanton Ragsdale: Cameron Diaz
John Dunkley Stanton: Robert DeNiro

Suggested direction by Ron Howard

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