Monday, November 21, 2016

Day Twenty-One: Too Weak To Write

Day 21: Select an ancestor who served in the military, and write a letter to him or her from the perspective of a loved one on the home front. Ask about his or her health, or the conditions in the war. Read real-life wartime letters for inspiration.

Dear Nancy,

This may be the last letter I write you. I am so sick...and being in a cold, leaky tent doesn't help matters any. Measles turned into pneumonia and now, I can hardly lift a pencil to compose a letter to you. This war, which divides our country, is a horrible thing. Richmond, Virginia is so far away from Fairfield. I miss South Carolina. I miss our boys. But most of all I miss you, Nannie dearest. 

I love you.

Your Elisha

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