Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day Twenty-Nine: A Day In The Life

Day 29: Imagine a typical day for a female ancestor. What time did she wake up, and what did she do throughout the day?

Helen Ragsdale with her class
She would have risen early, perhaps about 7am. School would not have started until 8:30 or 9, so she would have had plenty of time...especially since her school was just down the road. Getting breakfast for herself and for her mother, with whom she lived in the family home, Helen Ragsdale would have done things very properly. She would have laid the table with the right flatware and used proper glassware and china. About the time she was to leave for school, their maid would probably be arriving, so she would clear the table and wash the dishes.

The Anderson Street School: Loopnet.com

Helen would arrive at school, punctual as always, and prepare her classroom for her students. Later, when she became principal of the school, her routine would not change much. She would check into her office and then walk the hallways to check on the teachers and their classrooms. Not much got by "Miss Ragsdale." At the end of her busy day, she would return home where either she or the maid would prepare supper (never calling it "dinner"), and would end her day relaxing with a good book or listening to the radio. As she went to sleep, her students would be on her mind, and she would be planning what she could do for them tomorrow.

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