Friday, November 25, 2016

Day Twenty-Five: Catalog Christmas Shopping

Day 25: In honor of Black Friday, review historical resources like the Sears Catalog and “buy” three Christmas presents for an ancestor. Why did you choose those three, and how would your ancestor respond to them?

If I were to buy three Christmas presents for my "ancestors" from the Sears catalog, I would choose the 1940's era and buy for my mother, my father and my grandfather. For my grandfather, I would buy a Sears house kit, because he owned some smaller houses he rented to others. He was always interested in houses, and I think that he would have a ball with these.

For Miss Betty, who probably would have died before she wore clothing from Sears, I would buy some fun day dresses and try to convince her that good design could be found in a number of places.

For my father, I would have bought a portable television set. To be honest, I would have been surprised to find something like this back in the day...but there it is! He loved his "electronics"... He always chose radios and car dashboard that had a lot of dials and doodads on them...

There was always something magical in paging through a catalog at Christmas time. As a child my favorite catalog was the FAO Schwartz book. I spent countless hours combing it for exciting possibilities and cutting out pictures to paste to my letter to Santa!

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