Monday, November 14, 2016

Day Fourteen: The Journey

Day 14: Write a diary or journal entry that details your immigrant ancestor’s journey. What are their impressions of their fellow passengers? Research passenger lists and ship descriptions to make your description more accurate.

Summer 1638

I have but one small sheet of paper and really nothing to write with except a tiny amount of ink, loaned to me by the captain of this ship. It is very hot. My wife, nee Mary Cooksey, is so brave to have accompanied me to this brave new land which we have heard such exciting things about. We are to land in Virginia and I hope to make my fortune there. I have heard there is land available near the Appomattox River in Henrico and it is there I hope we can make our home. Mary remains worried about being in the wilderness and possible dangers, including that from those natives who seem to be oft upset with us, the new settlers. I pray God blesses us there.

Godfrey Ragsdale

*Godfrey and Mary Ragsdale were killed in the 1644 Indian uprising led by Chief Opechancanough.

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