Saturday, November 5, 2016

Day Five: Block Party On Mills Avenue

Day 5: Write a scene that describes a block party in your ancestor’s hometown, and invite everyone who appears on a page in a US federal census record. Use census data to learn ages, occupations, and relationships, and tap into your imagination for the rest. Who’s talking to who, and what’s the hot gossip? What games are attendees playing, and what are they eating or drinking?

Mr. and Mrs. John Dean Isbell
cordially invite 
all their friends in the block
to join them in the front yard of 26 Mills Avenue
for the 
Annual Block Party
Friday, July 4, 1930

We are so proud to be hosting the 1930 Neighborhood Block Party for Mills Avenue! We have been here for three years now, and cannot tell you how much we've loved getting to know our neighbors. Little Miss Betty is 6, Carolyn is just turning 3 and Frances is 1 year old. What a treat to have our girls grow up on a single block that has so many children!! Almost everyone has children...from the Moore twins who are 24 years old, to the little babies, the block is teeming with kids! Halloween is wild around here.

We are so excited that the Taylor, Ashemore, Moore, Walker, Manning, Rushing, Mills, and Johnson families will join the Andersons and the Wilkins (who we hope will bring their live-in help) and help us celebrate the 4th of July in style. The kids don't need any planned games. They already spend all their time catching lightning bugs, coasting down the Elm Street hill on their bikes and playing tidily winks on the front porch. They're good at entertaining themselves. (And lucky for us, Dr. Ashemore will be here in case there are any accidents or injuries.)

Let the fun begin!!

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  1. What a cute idea! Well written and funny. Visiting here from 31 Days fb group