Friday, November 18, 2016

Day Eighteen: Best Friends

Day 18: Who was your ancestor’s best friend? How did they spend their time together? Write a paragraph or two about an adventure they had (real or imagined) based on what you know of their childhood and the time period and place they lived.

Allen Steele and Nate Neely were more than best buddies. Eventually, they became "brothers." Nate married Allen's sister, Rhoda, in November 1940, and thus turned friendship into family. 

The boys were not the same age, but close to it. Allen was born in January 1914 and Nate in November 1915, but that made little to no difference in their being pals. Their "Little Rascals" adventures as children in the 1920's turned into being more like "Andy and Barney" in the 1930's and beyond, although Nate only shared Barney's wonderful sense of humor, not his ineptitude. Nate and Allen both were smart, capable men who would find just as much joy hanging out at the local "filling station" with friends (just like Mayberry!) to getting dressed up to go out on the town. Both would go on to do great things and raise wonderful families. Although separated by many miles as older adults, Nate in North Carolina and Allen in Florida, they would continue their friendship until Nate passed away from a heart attack in 1977. It was a loss that Allen and his family would mourn for many years.

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