Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Day Twenty-Three: Telling The Tale

Day 23: Come up with a pitch for your ancestor’s biography. Is it a sultry tell-all, or just-the-facts? What major theme(s) does it cover? Be sure to give the bio a title and sub-title, and write the book’s summary as it would appear on the back cover.

Elisha Robert Ragsdale
Standing Firm


Elisha Robert Ragsdale: Standing Firm is the story of Robert Ragsdale (1825-1862) of Fairfield County, South Carolina. It is a tragic yet noble tale of a young man abandoned by his family, who suffered the loss of two wives and two children. Finally finding happiness only to have it taken away by the atrocities of the Civil War, Ragsdale lived a long and arduous life in his 36 short years. 
His biography is a fascinating story of courage and perseverance.

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