Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day Fifteen: A Letter From the Past

Day 15: Pick an ancestor from the 1800s, drop him into today, and (as your ancestor) write a letter to family members still in the 1800s. How would he describe today? What surprises him? What questions would he have?

November 15, 2016
From the Future

Dear Mama,

I am in just under the wire for this writing exercise. My granddaughter was to choose an ancestor from the 1800's...and she chose me, even though I was only born in 1899. It is a special day here in the future, though, and she knew that I must be the one to be featured. 

Oh, Mama, life in 2016 is so different than you and I knew it. Even though I lived to be almost 101 and died in 2000, the last sixteen years have changed the world significantly. I popped back in just long enough to see someone whom I admired back in the day elected to office as the new President. I certainly wish him well. But that is not the exciting news. That is not why I am writing... Mama, I have won a contest! After years and years and years of entering everything from the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes to small contests in the Greenville News, and never winning, I have triumphed. My picture, which my granddaughter, Elizabeth, submitted in a contest was one of the ones chosen to be in Family Tree Magazine. I don't quite understand how she was able to do it on her computer, but she did. And, Mama, you would not believe what these computer machines can do. It is simply amazing and far too detailed for me to try to explain in a letter. So, back to the dress. You know the picture, Mama...the  pretty party dress I had before I was married. I felt like such a princess in that dress, and always credited it in helping me obtain my prince.

I must sit down and look at the magazine again. My heart is soaring! 

Your loving daughter,

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