Thursday, July 14, 2016

Finally...A Book That Addresses A Growing Problem!

Both pictures taken by the blogger
of her personal copy
It may not be politically charged, nor does it greatly impact the temperature of the planet...but it is IMPORTANT!

What is happening with all the beautiful antiques that decorated our parents' and grandparents' houses? Why are my generation ("young" Baby Boomer) and the generations after so quick to get rid of the past? It seems so odd to me. We talk about being sustainable and reusing/repurposing everything from tomato peels to wagon wheels...yet beautiful pieces of mahogany, sterling silver and oil painted canvases are being dumped into landfills day after day.

When will the madness end?
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Seriously... I have been troubled by this for awhile, so you can imagine my excitement about a week ago, when I read a review of Susan Sully's new book, Past Present. I didn't even finish the (glowing) review by the Baltimore Sun before my iPhone was in hand and I was ordering. It came this week and I am pouring through it, just as happy as I can be. There is hope for the future!!!

Amazon has a terrific price on Past Present, so I have reopened the Classic Preppy Bookstore and made it the book of the month! Click on the link and you can page through several entries and see it for yourself. You will be as excited as I am...

Thank you, Susan!!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Social Media Summer

Image via Facebook

I will try to blog at least once a week this summer, but since I am "on the go"... You will mostly find me on social media. So, if you haven't already, please follow me on FB, Instagram and Twitter. Especially Instagram... That will be my go-to for documenting summer fun.

Hat tip to Winnsboro, SC for the awesome July graphic. That beautiful little town and surrounding Fairfield County are where many of my maternal ancestors are from. If you're ever in central SC, you should check it out. The Robert Mills courthouse is spectacular!

Cheers, Liz