Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Find: The Blue Willow Tea Room, Petersburg, Virginia

Happy, happy, happy! Yes...that's me...after my visit to the fun and fantastic Blue Willow Tea Room in Petersburg, Virginia's historic district. If you've seen Lincoln (with Daniel Day-Lewis), or the recent Mercy Street (PBS), you've seen Petersburg. It's a city that's had its ups and downs, but there are parts of Petersburg that simply shine. This is one of those spots!

I am a huge tea fan (Happy Iced Tea Day, by the way!!) and I love a proper tea. The Jefferson Hotel here in Richmond does a beautiful tea...and Simply Tea, in bucolic Amelia, does a sweet, very feminine seating. Blue Willow, however, is attached to an amazing antiques it's a win-win all the way around!

Make a reservation and go! Be sure to ask for Sid, the owner...if he's not over in England, buying for his antiques store. My dear friend, Yolie, and I stayed so long, enjoying our conversation as well as the goodies, that he said if we were still there at the close of day, he'd just consider us family and put us to work, washing dishes. We would have been delighted to stay and do just that!!

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