Friday, June 3, 2016

Back In Business

Good morning, glories! (The favorite expression of one of my college professors...) I have missed you!!

I'm back and raring to go...but I must say, part of the reason for my absence has been a desire to just "get away" from all things social media related. There is so much angst out there these many mean things being said and "shared"...I just didn't want to be a part of it.

My turning point was when I found out that someone had "unfriended" me on Facebook. You would think that at my age (57!) that wouldn't mean too much...and in the larger scheme of things it doesn't...but it still made me sad and hurt my feelings a bit. I'm not sure why. We never had any arguments. Perhaps it was because the person is/appears to be Bernie supporters and I personally am not (feeling the Bern, that is) or because I share my faith in a lot of what I write (and I don't care who "unfriends" me, I will always talk about what Jesus means to me)? I suppose things like that made me an undesirable friend...??

Sorry. That's not the world I live in. I have a lot of friends who see things/believe very differently than I do...and their posts probably vex me as much as mine vex them...but we can still talk, even if we disagree. We can still be friends. So as far as social media goes...That's why we have an "unfollow" option rather than "unfriend."

All that being was a real turning point for me. I am not sure why, but my sweet blogging buddy (and awesome author), Kathie Truitt, just announced she was getting off social media. I imagine her reasons are similar to what I wrote above.

I. Have. Had. Enough. Of. This. much as it is within my power (and yours!!), we are are going to turn this thing on its head!!

For the month of June I am going to develop a series of posts and polls and what have you, to turn us back to civilized discourse and FUN!!!

Please follow me on Facebook (and Twitter and Instagram) and join this effort.  Tell your friends to join in! Let's make this go viral...

Let's call it JOYFUL JUNE... are you ready to FEEL THE JOY?!!! Let's go...

Here's a head's up... Next week will be a fun focus on childhood. Start finding those old pictures now!!!!


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  1. I, like you, am returning to blogging. Maybe it doesn't get the 'reads' as much as Facebook, but it's a much nicer, calmer, world.