Friday, October 2, 2015

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There is so much to catch up on!! I don't think I have ever been as busy in my life...Sold old house (6,000 sq. ft.)..Moved to temporary quarters while new house had floors redone...Then moved into new house (3,200 sq. ft.) the week before our daughter's wedding.

Yes, you read that right.  The week before our daughter's wedding.

But, we made it. And it was glorious. A wonderful reunion of family and friends. Something I'd love to do again...but without the move. (No complaining about that. It was a blessing that it sold the second it hit the market. I was very grateful!!)

"Downsizing"? "Right-sizing"??? Not sure what to call it, but it feels WONDERFUL!

Photo courtesy Veranda magazine
Don't get me wrong. Our old house was lovely...and it served many purposes...including having Miss Betty live with us in her final years. But it was getting to be too big.  Now it's just the two of us (for the most part), and we wanted a place that fit us better.

What we found suits us perfectly!! (God is so good...)

Now the REAL work begins.

I can't wait to really get my hands on this house. A brand new project. A new chapter. A new door opens. I am ready to be inspired!

Don't you love the Charlotte Moss room pictured above? Her place in the Hamptons has a large window in the living room, too! Voila! Inspiration!!

Living room, a few days after moving in. It now contains items from a guest room that is getting new floors. Sigh.

But I can't get too inspired until I deal with my mess.  (I'd call it clutter, but it's more than that. It's a real mess.)

Dare I show you? Hmm....going to have to think about that.  I think I would be too mortified.

Stuff. Junk. Memories. Collectibles. Books. Books. More books. And...books. 

Help! Panic!! We are cutting our footprint in half...and that ain't easy.

The new owner wanted our old house quickly, so we were only able to do so much decluttering before the move. Now we are faced with the enormous task of fitting into our chosen home.  I can do this... I know I can...but it is taking longer than I thought.

I always enjoy blogs that feature house make-overs or any kind of renovation/decorating/gardening project. So, if you are interested, I'll keep you updated with a photo-journal of our process going forward. Who knows?  Perhaps that will keep me more accountable in the process.

Please follow me on Instagram (  I want your opinion as the decorating begins... (Also, my 19 and 24 year old daughters say I should be ashamed that I have done so little on Instagram, and they expect me to build my following!)


UPDATE: Ok...I'm going to try a little holy boldness here.  Instagram pics of the mess are up and running!! Be kind...

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