Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

I will write more about this in the next week or so...but in the meantime, please watch this beautiful little video, which was filmed just last month. I'll be taking Thursday and Friday off, so will see you after the weekend!  Cheers, Liz

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Then You Came And Sat Beside Me...

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to come upon Antenna-TV's morning broadcast of the classic television series, Father Knows Best. The episode was called The $500 Letter, and its plot centered around the family receiving a letter with a cashier's check for $500 (probably worth about $3500 today).  No one knew for whom it was meant...and the entire show was each character's self-examination, to determine if he or she was the "winner."

I won't give the finish away, in case you want to see it yourself. (You can on Hulu!)  But, in a flashback, the gentleman who wrote the letter says this...

Google images
"I sat alone…Disillusioned, bitter and shunned by everyone. Then you came and sat beside me.  You talked to me. You smiled at me. You said, 'When we’re in trouble we have to have faith. Things will come out right.'

Then you gave me something. Just a small stick of gum, but to me it was a symbol of friendship. You will never know what it meant to me, at that moment of my life, to have a friend."

That is an exact quote. I know, because I went back to Hulu to watch it again, so I could write down precisely what he said.  It moved me that much.

Why? Well...I hope and pray that more than anything else I do in this life that I will be (or hopefully have been) the kind of person who sits down next to someone who is alone and makes them know they aren't.

I hope I have shared my love.  More importantly, I hope I have shared God's love. The risen Lord told us that was what it was all about....what He expected us to do.  I don't want to be "practiced" about it. I certainly don't want to do it to check it off a list of good deeds.  I want the Holy Spirit to dwell in me so deeply that I disappear and His love shines through.

That's what I wanted to tell you today.

It's not classic. It's not preppy.

I suppose you could say it is about "gracious living"...because it is Grace that makes it a possibility.

This weekend...and every day after that...let's go out and share that love and grace.  #betheblessing

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Home Edition

I love The Glamorous Housewife website!  It's a new find for me, so I have only skimmed the surface...but I think you will like it, too.  Check it out by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Words Of Wisdome

Heading over to Mediweightloss in a few minutes.  It's time to re-engage in my healthy eating plan...the holidays will be here before we know it!

Saw the above on Facebook and it was "so me" that I knew I had to share... Why can't I like other food as much as I like cake? LOL

Cake-free from now until Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

As the mother of a college student and a recently married graduate student, I must admit that I am enjoying my status as an empty nester.  However, I often look around and think, "Where are my little girls?"  That's tough.  So many wonderful memories...

I must admit, I was a "classic" old-school mom.  As I told my girls... "I am not interested in being your best friend.  I am your mom.  If I do my job right, you might hate me when you are a teenager, but you will be grateful when you are older."  Our time-out stool got quite a bit of use...and it was cute as well...quite a conversation piece!

When I saw the chairs below on Facebook, I thought they were worth sharing with you modern-day moms.  Looks like a DIY project to me!!

Our time out school...now in the attic waiting for the next generation

Photo via Facebook

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday With Meaning

There will be weekdays when I cannot post.  Sometimes it's just that I am swamped with unpacking this never-ending supply of boxes.  Other times I am with a dear friend, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Some days it's both. Today was one of those days, but it's important that I post.

Via Google Images
Because October is National Breast Cancer month, I want to take today to remind you all to check for that each and every month.  Follow your physician's advice for official screenings.  I have had male friends, as well as female, be diagnosed...so, be diligent!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Picture courtesy of TheGlamorousHousewife.com
Oh, my!  I have so much to do today...and I am not sure where to begin...

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (see link at right) to watch me go through all the clutter-clearing and decorating fun that have come with this move!

I scheduled a massage at a new place in Richmond today...Doing my civic duty by checking them out, so I can report to you! ;)  Seriously need some relaxation, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point... Something as simple as a walk would probably help, but a massage sounded much better...

More soon!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Be the warrior.  Be the storm.  

You can be fierce...even in preppy pink and green!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Madness

Whew!  What a Monday... Errands here, there and everywhere...and on the hunt for a new bed.

We have had a Sleep Number bed, and I've liked it pretty well, but Dear Husband hates it.

He seems to like something that is foam-oriented...and I am not sure.  Anyone have any ideas?

Our bed, pictured to the right (in the old house), is being redone...just the headboard will remain.  Our new master bedroom is a bit smaller, but I love it so much more.  I like "cozy"!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Follow Friday (Instagram)

There is so much to catch up on!! I don't think I have ever been as busy in my life...Sold old house (6,000 sq. ft.)..Moved to temporary quarters while new house had floors redone...Then moved into new house (3,200 sq. ft.) the week before our daughter's wedding.

Yes, you read that right.  The week before our daughter's wedding.

But, we made it. And it was glorious. A wonderful reunion of family and friends. Something I'd love to do again...but without the move. (No complaining about that. It was a blessing that it sold the second it hit the market. I was very grateful!!)

"Downsizing"? "Right-sizing"??? Not sure what to call it, but it feels WONDERFUL!

Photo courtesy Veranda magazine
Don't get me wrong. Our old house was lovely...and it served many purposes...including having Miss Betty live with us in her final years. But it was getting to be too big.  Now it's just the two of us (for the most part), and we wanted a place that fit us better.

What we found suits us perfectly!! (God is so good...)

Now the REAL work begins.

I can't wait to really get my hands on this house. A brand new project. A new chapter. A new door opens. I am ready to be inspired!

Don't you love the Charlotte Moss room pictured above? Her place in the Hamptons has a large window in the living room, too! Voila! Inspiration!!

Living room, a few days after moving in. It now contains items from a guest room that is getting new floors. Sigh.

But I can't get too inspired until I deal with my mess.  (I'd call it clutter, but it's more than that. It's a real mess.)

Dare I show you? Hmm....going to have to think about that.  I think I would be too mortified.

Stuff. Junk. Memories. Collectibles. Books. Books. More books. And...books. 

Help! Panic!! We are cutting our footprint in half...and that ain't easy.

The new owner wanted our old house quickly, so we were only able to do so much decluttering before the move. Now we are faced with the enormous task of fitting into our chosen home.  I can do this... I know I can...but it is taking longer than I thought.

I always enjoy blogs that feature house make-overs or any kind of renovation/decorating/gardening project. So, if you are interested, I'll keep you updated with a photo-journal of our process going forward. Who knows?  Perhaps that will keep me more accountable in the process.

Please follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/classicpreppy).  I want your opinion as the decorating begins... (Also, my 19 and 24 year old daughters say I should be ashamed that I have done so little on Instagram, and they expect me to build my following!)


UPDATE: Ok...I'm going to try a little holy boldness here.  Instagram pics of the mess are up and running!! Be kind...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We're Back...

Welcome back to all my readers!  And welcome to the lovely month of October...and the fall season. Praying that the hurricane will skirt the eastern seaboard and all will be well...What a way to start the month!


Saw the precious image above on Facebook today....from a service dog facility here in Virginia. I just had to share it with you! More Classic Preppy fun tomorrow...Stay tuned...