Saturday, December 19, 2015

Holiday Hints And More

So sorry to have been missing in action...but life is busy, busy, busy!!! I will be back in the New Year with more Classic Preppy fun, but in the meantime...check out a few "finds" of mine. If you are in Virginia, you might want to check them out for yourself...

A new place to have coffee, find some great art and unwind in Carytown (Richmond)... Mott Gallery

Or, for gifts galore...old school elegance and old Virginia taste and quality...check out Laurie Holladay Interiors. My visit with Laurie this fall made me feel like all was NOT lost when it came to gracious living, marvelous manners and subtle elegance. Not only is this shop filled with amazing gifts and decorative accessories, they also do custom lamp work and carry my favorite new furniture and leather products by Christophe Pourny!

If you are visiting Gordonsville, you don't want to miss having lunch at Pomme...just up the street from Laurie's. Definitely make a reservation...It's popular!!  Gordonsville is a charming town...wonderful shops up and down Main Street...and not too far from Barboursville and the incredible Palladio at the Barboursville Vineyard! (You can finish your day with dinner there!!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers!! Happy Holidays to all!!!!!!!

Cheers! Liz

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Thanks

Before we talk about shopping and dining, let's get ready to give thanks...

One of my favorite holidays is fast approaching and this "classic" episode of Father Knows Best has a scene at the very end that sums it up perfectly! (Just skip over the ad before the video.)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: Organizing

Whew!  Downsizing from 6,000 to 3,200 sq ft. has been rough!!  I am bound and determine to get it all done before Thanksgiving, but it's a huge job... I didn't know I had so much "stuff"!!

Today I worked with my favorite organizing guru, Debbie Bowie, from Rock, Paper, Scissors.  You can find out more about Debbie at her website ( Debbie has been a God send to me this past year and I know she will support me in getting where I need to be!

How about YOU? Feeling overwhelmed with clutter these days??


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Words Of Wisdom

I will write more about this in the next week or so...but in the meantime, please watch this beautiful little video, which was filmed just last month. I'll be taking Thursday and Friday off, so will see you after the weekend!  Cheers, Liz

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Then You Came And Sat Beside Me...

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to come upon Antenna-TV's morning broadcast of the classic television series, Father Knows Best. The episode was called The $500 Letter, and its plot centered around the family receiving a letter with a cashier's check for $500 (probably worth about $3500 today).  No one knew for whom it was meant...and the entire show was each character's self-examination, to determine if he or she was the "winner."

I won't give the finish away, in case you want to see it yourself. (You can on Hulu!)  But, in a flashback, the gentleman who wrote the letter says this...

Google images
"I sat alone…Disillusioned, bitter and shunned by everyone. Then you came and sat beside me.  You talked to me. You smiled at me. You said, 'When we’re in trouble we have to have faith. Things will come out right.'

Then you gave me something. Just a small stick of gum, but to me it was a symbol of friendship. You will never know what it meant to me, at that moment of my life, to have a friend."

That is an exact quote. I know, because I went back to Hulu to watch it again, so I could write down precisely what he said.  It moved me that much.

Why? Well...I hope and pray that more than anything else I do in this life that I will be (or hopefully have been) the kind of person who sits down next to someone who is alone and makes them know they aren't.

I hope I have shared my love.  More importantly, I hope I have shared God's love. The risen Lord told us that was what it was all about....what He expected us to do.  I don't want to be "practiced" about it. I certainly don't want to do it to check it off a list of good deeds.  I want the Holy Spirit to dwell in me so deeply that I disappear and His love shines through.

That's what I wanted to tell you today.

It's not classic. It's not preppy.

I suppose you could say it is about "gracious living"...because it is Grace that makes it a possibility.

This weekend...and every day after that...let's go out and share that love and grace.  #betheblessing

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday!


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Home Edition

I love The Glamorous Housewife website!  It's a new find for me, so I have only skimmed the surface...but I think you will like it, too.  Check it out by clicking here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Words Of Wisdome

Heading over to Mediweightloss in a few minutes.  It's time to re-engage in my healthy eating plan...the holidays will be here before we know it!

Saw the above on Facebook and it was "so me" that I knew I had to share... Why can't I like other food as much as I like cake? LOL

Cake-free from now until Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

As the mother of a college student and a recently married graduate student, I must admit that I am enjoying my status as an empty nester.  However, I often look around and think, "Where are my little girls?"  That's tough.  So many wonderful memories...

I must admit, I was a "classic" old-school mom.  As I told my girls... "I am not interested in being your best friend.  I am your mom.  If I do my job right, you might hate me when you are a teenager, but you will be grateful when you are older."  Our time-out stool got quite a bit of use...and it was cute as well...quite a conversation piece!

When I saw the chairs below on Facebook, I thought they were worth sharing with you modern-day moms.  Looks like a DIY project to me!!

Our time out in the attic waiting for the next generation

Photo via Facebook

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday With Meaning

There will be weekdays when I cannot post.  Sometimes it's just that I am swamped with unpacking this never-ending supply of boxes.  Other times I am with a dear friend, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Some days it's both. Today was one of those days, but it's important that I post.

Via Google Images
Because October is National Breast Cancer month, I want to take today to remind you all to check for that each and every month.  Follow your physician's advice for official screenings.  I have had male friends, as well as female, be, be diligent!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Picture courtesy of
Oh, my!  I have so much to do today...and I am not sure where to begin...

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (see link at right) to watch me go through all the clutter-clearing and decorating fun that have come with this move!

I scheduled a massage at a new place in Richmond today...Doing my civic duty by checking them out, so I can report to you! ;)  Seriously need some relaxation, as I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point... Something as simple as a walk would probably help, but a massage sounded much better...

More soon!


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts

Be the warrior.  Be the storm.  

You can be fierce...even in preppy pink and green!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Madness

Whew!  What a Monday... Errands here, there and everywhere...and on the hunt for a new bed.

We have had a Sleep Number bed, and I've liked it pretty well, but Dear Husband hates it.

He seems to like something that is foam-oriented...and I am not sure.  Anyone have any ideas?

Our bed, pictured to the right (in the old house), is being redone...just the headboard will remain.  Our new master bedroom is a bit smaller, but I love it so much more.  I like "cozy"!!!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Follow Friday (Instagram)

There is so much to catch up on!! I don't think I have ever been as busy in my life...Sold old house (6,000 sq. ft.)..Moved to temporary quarters while new house had floors redone...Then moved into new house (3,200 sq. ft.) the week before our daughter's wedding.

Yes, you read that right.  The week before our daughter's wedding.

But, we made it. And it was glorious. A wonderful reunion of family and friends. Something I'd love to do again...but without the move. (No complaining about that. It was a blessing that it sold the second it hit the market. I was very grateful!!)

"Downsizing"? "Right-sizing"??? Not sure what to call it, but it feels WONDERFUL!

Photo courtesy Veranda magazine
Don't get me wrong. Our old house was lovely...and it served many purposes...including having Miss Betty live with us in her final years. But it was getting to be too big.  Now it's just the two of us (for the most part), and we wanted a place that fit us better.

What we found suits us perfectly!! (God is so good...)

Now the REAL work begins.

I can't wait to really get my hands on this house. A brand new project. A new chapter. A new door opens. I am ready to be inspired!

Don't you love the Charlotte Moss room pictured above? Her place in the Hamptons has a large window in the living room, too! Voila! Inspiration!!

Living room, a few days after moving in. It now contains items from a guest room that is getting new floors. Sigh.

But I can't get too inspired until I deal with my mess.  (I'd call it clutter, but it's more than that. It's a real mess.)

Dare I show you? Hmm....going to have to think about that.  I think I would be too mortified.

Stuff. Junk. Memories. Collectibles. Books. Books. More books. And...books. 

Help! Panic!! We are cutting our footprint in half...and that ain't easy.

The new owner wanted our old house quickly, so we were only able to do so much decluttering before the move. Now we are faced with the enormous task of fitting into our chosen home.  I can do this... I know I can...but it is taking longer than I thought.

I always enjoy blogs that feature house make-overs or any kind of renovation/decorating/gardening project. So, if you are interested, I'll keep you updated with a photo-journal of our process going forward. Who knows?  Perhaps that will keep me more accountable in the process.

Please follow me on Instagram (  I want your opinion as the decorating begins... (Also, my 19 and 24 year old daughters say I should be ashamed that I have done so little on Instagram, and they expect me to build my following!)


UPDATE: Ok...I'm going to try a little holy boldness here.  Instagram pics of the mess are up and running!! Be kind...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

We're Back...

Welcome back to all my readers!  And welcome to the lovely month of October...and the fall season. Praying that the hurricane will skirt the eastern seaboard and all will be well...What a way to start the month!

Saw the precious image above on Facebook today....from a service dog facility here in Virginia. I just had to share it with you! More Classic Preppy fun tomorrow...Stay tuned...


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Coming Soon...

The Classic Preppy will be back October 1st...with lots to share! Stay tuned...

In the meantime, if you haven't seen War Room...go. Go today!!  It is marvelous!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Update

The wedding was beautiful...even after the craziness of a move the weekend before! (More on that later... Our house sold the day it went on the market, to the first people who saw it.  That was gratifying, but it certainly did make us "pick up the pace" with the move.) I will post more wedding pictures soon...the one on the right is still a "proof"....but in the meantime I must tell you....

I have never been happier with a decision in my life! Downsizing, although a challenge, has been wonderful. We adore our new house, new neighbors and beautiful new Virginia countryside, which we now call home.

We were only able to unpack a couple of rooms before the wedding and since we knew we were heading down to the islands for some rest and relaxation afterwards, we didn't worry about it.  Once home, though, it is a bit overwhelming.  Going from 6,000 to 3200 square feet will be a challenge, but I am up for it.  And I am not rushing myself, either.

Can't wait to hear from others of you who've downsized recently! How have you liked it?


It's a process....Things from our former library have been split and have now gone into our living room and upstairs study.  Our former living room furniture is now in our "keeping room."  More on that later, too!

Our former house, library

New living room, with the former owner's things
Move in day

Three days after moving...but it's far from finished!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Life has been anything but a "vacation" around here...which is good!  Our house sold the day it listed and the buyers wanted to be in by July 1st.  Yes...just weeks before THE WEDDING!  But...I love a good challenge, and so does my dear we took it.

The new house
The living room from the marketing pics for the house (with former owners' things).
I love, love, LOVE light...and this house is filled with it!

We have a new house and work is being done as we speak, while we camp out at a friend's townhouse, which thankfully was available for a short-term stay. We officially move into the new house this Friday... a week before the wedding. Living on the edge...but having fun!!!

Dark picture taken with cellphone of floors being refinished.

After the wedding, I am taking a week off to simply relax and then the fun begins! This is the first house we've ever owned that doesn't require major renovation work...This only needs tweaking, which will be nice. The challenge is to go from the "stuff" of 6000 square feet (5580 of house and 420 of a packed storeroom) to 3200 square feet of house with only a small attic space and garage shelves for storage. To be honest, I cannot wait to get rid of more of my "stuff." (Stuff and nonsense is more like it...)  I have loved staying in the small townhouse.  I have everything I need, and am not missing much of what is in storage with the movers.  It's been a great in-between space, and I sincerely believe the three weeks here will help me in seeing what's in those moving boxes with new eyes!

To start, I am going to read Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Have you read it?  If so, what did you think?  Did it change your life?

Cheers!! Liz

Monday, June 1, 2015

Exciting News

Sorry to be missing in action for so long, but we've had a lot going on!  Younger daughter's graduation was this past weekend...older daughter is being married in July and tomorrow is the official start of our listing our house, so we can downsize a bit.  Before the listing posted, we had two people ask our agents for appointments tomorrow morning...and I just found out that someone wants to come over tonight.  Wow!!  Can't wait to see what the Lord does with this... He put us in this house and I know he has the perfect smaller place for us after this!

Tuesday, June 2nd update:  I have some very exciting news, but am not at liberty to share it just yet... More on July 1st.  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

More Inspiration On The Way!

I cannot believe it's been almost a month since I posted.  The plans were to do more...but with one child being graduated this month, another being married in July and our listing our house in June (time to downsize!)....Life has gotten away from me.

There are some people and places which have come to mind that I think you will find interesting... So stay tuned for more!

Pictured to the right... The happy couple!!


Friday, April 10, 2015

The Passing Of A Classic: Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson, the timeless chanteuse, passed away this week, and I wanted to honor her here.  The New York Social Diary did an amazing article on her life, and I highly recommend it to you.

Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake and Julie Wilson

Julie Wilson (left) with Patricia Morison, at her 100th birthday party.
Photo courtesy

When I think of Julie Wilson, I often think of "Miss Betty."  They were about the same age and when Miss Betty was on her grand European tour in her 20's, she saw Kiss Me Kate with Julie Wilson, Alfred Drake and Patricia Morison while she was in London. (Miss Morison is still living and just turned 100 last month!)

Miss Betty with her sister Frances and unidentified friends,
aboard the Queen Elizabeth

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday On The Move

I spent some time this weekend thinking about how much excess there was in my life. There's a lot of "stuff" in my house and in my electronic files that I am dealing with at present... There's even a lot of excess that weighs me down online. One of those places for me is Blogger.  I write anywhere from four to five blogs at a now is a good time to downsize/combine at least two of them. The leaner and meaner I get with all parts of my life, the more time I will have to enjoy being outside this spring and summer...
Spring is here!  These are the azaleas on the side of my driveway...
and hopefully they will look like that again in a couple of weeks!
Starting tomorrow, my Connect and Encourage blog will transfer over here and become a weekly (I hope!) part of The Classic Preppy.

Cheers... Liz

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday Thoughts: "I Didn't Know That"

Photo courtesy NYSD

Until today, I knew nothing about Harriet Hubbard Ayer. Now I am fascinated...

Read more in today's New York Social Diary and Google her for more info!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blog-iversary Coming Up

On March 29th The Classic Preppy will celebrate its 5th anniversary.  It's been a fun five years, but lately I have wondered about what I should write about going forward.  As you can see from my most recent post (not that recent, because it is from February!)...I have been busy elsewhere.

I think I have an idea...a couple of ideas, actually!  We're going to go really "old school" with The Classic Preppy, and I will restart the blog on the day after the anniversary date, this Monday.

So...get ready...We're going to put the emphasis on "Classic!" And for those of you who have continued to request more "Miss Betty stories"... You're in for a treat!!


Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Not-So-Great Virginia: The General Assembly and Learning the Hard Way

I have been called a "Pollyanna" and "politically naive." I defended the members of the House and the Chairman of the Rules Committee from all the gossip and scuttlebutt I kept hearing about "how this deal was really going to go down." I could not and would not believe it.  And even when I saw a lot of it come to life today, it didn't apply to everyone.  There were some real stars and heroes along the way.  But about "the process"...well... I was wrong. So wrong...and my heart grieves for Virginia.

This afternoon, when I left the Rules Committee meeting, I was embarrassed. I was not embarrassed that I was a Virginian, but I was embarrassed to be a Virginia Republican.  I was also ashamed that someone like Susan Greenbaum could be treated so badly and dismissed almost out of hand. Her bill was not even called out individually. The Speaker of the House moved the discussion of her bill into the bill he was bringing forth and citizen comment was not invited/allowed. I was prepared to speak, but I guess no one saw me trying to be noticed, as a delegate was standing in front of me. Perhaps I will have another chance to do so in the days and months to come?  I certainly hope so.  I do have something to say.

So, dear Virginia...This is the choice the House is giving you: The State Song of Virginia is submitted as a remix of Shenandoah, which has been put forth by a retired professor, who is a Civil War scholar. (I think he has an interesting resume, too.  I don't focus much on the Civil War, as I prefer Colonial and Revolutionary history...but President Kennedy appointed him to the Civil War Centennial Commission in the early 1960's and now, at age 84, he is serving on the Virginia Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.  NOTE: He did not write the lyrics himself, but commissioned them. The new lyrics are written by a jingle writer in New York, who's from South Carolina and has never lived in Virginia.)

You might think Shenandoah does bring back memories of the Commonwealth, but it is not a song about Virginia...and the original lyrics, as noted by most scholars of the song whom I have found in researching it, are these:

Missouri, she’s a mighty river.  Away you rolling river.  The redskins camp, lies on its borders. Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

The white man loved the Indian maiden. Away you rolling river. With notions his canoe was laden. Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

“O, Shenandoah, I love your daughter. Away you rolling river. I’ll take her ‘cross yon rolling water.” Ah-ha, I’m bound away. ‘Cross the wide, Missouri.

The chief disdained the trader’s dollars: Away you rolling river. “My daughter never you shall follow.” Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

At last there came a Yankee skipper. Away you rolling river. He winked his eye and he tipped his flipper. Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

He sold the chief that firewater, Away you rolling river. And ‘cross the river he stole his daughter. Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri.

“O, Shenandoah, I long to hear you, Away you rolling river. Across that wide and rolling river.” Ah-ha, I’m bound away, ‘Cross the wide Missouri. comes down to changing lyrics.  To review: Virginia gets rid of "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny" as the State Song because of its original racist lyrics and says you cannot change the lyrics to make the song acceptable.  BUT now they take an equally racist song (words in bold) and change the lyrics to that?  A song with words and concepts which are not acceptable in the year 2015 and beyond.  I don't understand this.... Honestly, I don't.  This type of thing might have been passed in my parents' day, but at age 55...hardly one of the youth of our nation.... I am frankly appalled.  Shenandoah was co-opted for Virginia years ago, it's true....but even those images make you think of only one part of Virginia.  

The newest lyrics are, to be quite frank, not even proper lyrics...according to what I have heard songwriters talk about in the past.  Even if you aren't a songwriter or lyricist, they seem strange.  To call Virginia the "heartland of the nation" is odd. (Even if you capitalize the "H" in Heartland in the bill, you don't hear the "capital H" when it's being sung).  What do YOU think of when you think of the Heartland of America?  Certainly not Virginia...   And the phrase, "We're yours. We all are yours."? Well, even beginning songwriters know that you never waste a word or phrase in songwriting.  You certainly don't repeat a phrase like that.

So, fellow Virginians...This is what is going to the House.  YOU NEED TO BE AWARE THAT YOUR CHOICES ARE SHRINKING. This may very well be what they will pass, if indeed most representatives are truly afraid of voting against it.  (I still can't believe that...although what I saw with my own eyes today certainly made me wonder.)  

If this is NOT what you want for state song....then YOU SHOULD LET YOUR REPRESENTATIVE KNOW NOW!!  (If it is, you can let them know that, too.  Fair is fair.)

Our Great Virginia is NOT the best song for Virginia.  We deserve better. I guess Speaker Howell, the bill sponsor, doesn't keep up with the poll numbers.  Here is a snapshot from the ongoing WTVR poll.. (It's an ongoing poll, with the videos of four songs included. *These are from this evening at 7:15pm.):

This poll has gone back and forth, with Virginia, the Home of My Heart and Sweet Virginia Breeze neck and neck. I have NEVER seen Our Great Virginia get over 1% of the vote.  I thought politicians paid attention to polls. Hmmm...must be more of my political naiveté.

This poll is from the Speaker's district newspaper.
Even his own constituents don't seem to like Our Great Virginia

The effort to have the right song brought forth will continue.  Our Great Virginia is not that song.  It is a travesty. The Speaker has been quoted as saying he is putting it through as a favor for a friend. Not even a constituent.  A friend. What kind of favor is that? It's wrong! We will lobby the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Senate, the House...whatever it takes...for as long as it takes.  And we might be seeing a lot of new faces in the years to come...

I read this in a recent Richmond Times-Dispatch article, and I think it is very important to remember:

"All 40 state senators and 100 delegates are up for election in 2015."