Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend Thoughts: Elegance

"Elegance in the only beauty that never fades." ~ Audrey Hepburn

I understand elegance...for my mother was one of the most elegant women I've ever known.  Her elegance, like her mother's before her, was innate.  She had a calmness and serenity that radiated from her innermost being.

She didn't overdo, nor did she skimp on details.  She wasn't perfection, but she was grace personified.

Elegance seems to be a lost concept these days.  Someone told me recently that I was the "youngest" 55 year old they'd ever known.  I had to think about that for a minute...because I certainly don't dress in a trendy/young way, nor do I wear my hair/do my makeup like a much younger person. I try to stay active/involved, and I take on new projects all the time...because they interest me and because I never want to stop learning.  But I think that I was paid that compliment because I don't pretend to be something that I am not.  I hope that's elegance.  I am not trying to recapture my lost youth, nor fill or lift any part of my 55 year old body.  I am tired of seeing women my age trying to be something that cannot be again.  Embrace your years.  Thank God for your experiences...good and bad.  They make you who you are! If something starts to sag, figure out how to support it or mask it the best way you can, but embrace it!  It's ok.  Really.




In the early 1980's I saw Katherine Hepburn in West Side Waltz.  She was about 75 at the time and she  looked simply stunning.  She carried her age with dignity, aplomb and panache.  I think about Miss Hepburn and how she looked then, and compare that to someone like the late, great Joan Rivers. She, too, was very talented, but her talent was obscured by her constant attempt to fight off the inevitable.  How many reports were written dissecting her latest attempt at remaking her face?  There were certainly more of those than there were reviews of her razor sharp wit and delivery.

Through the brilliance of social media, I came upon a company called Look Fabulous Forever.  Based in the UK, their videos are inspiring and informative...and I hope their products will come to this country soon!!  They are right in line with the concepts shared by people such as Mireille Guiliano in her wonderful French Women Don't Get Fat/French Women Don't Get Facelifts books.

If you are "of an age," then check out their website and videos.


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