Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Weekend Thoughts: Connect and Encourage

I will be posting on The Classic Preppy each day from this weekend until the end of November.  Then, on November 30th, I will be launching my new blog, which is called Connect and Encourage.  You'll understand why when you read it...and I hope you will join me there! (The Classic Preppy won't go away, but I will probably post there just a couple of times a week rather than daily, at least for awhile.)

The video below is not "preppy"...unless you consider how nicely the young man who narrates it is dressed.  I share it with you, my dear readers, because a wonderful high school and college friend shared it with me.  His son is in the video (the young man in the apartment), and I was interested in seeing it for that reason alone.  However, when I watched it I was overcome by how deadly accurate its narrative was.  I was convicted by it.  I think a lot of people will be.  In 2014 we are so "connected," yet we are losing real "connection" at an alarming pace.

Think about it.  How do you edit/curate your life and your social media/smartphone usage?  My dear husband who uses technology when he must...and only then...came home from a conference so disappointed. "It used to be that when you broke for lunch, people would chat in the buffet line, invite new people to sit with them and 'connect.'  Now they just all stare at their cellular devices.  Smart phones. Tablets. What have you. This time NO ONE EVEN LOOKED UP." (Side note: DH also still has a flip phone, which he keeps in his car as a back up.  He might need to make it his primary phone if he wants to be hip.  Even Vogue's Anna Wintour is going old school!)

Am I looking up or am I looking down? Where is my focus in life? Where is yours? Technology, especially social media...are we controlling it or is it controlling us?  I have noticed that a number of fellow bloggers who started around the same time I did are retiring their blogs, or posting much less frequently.  They seem to have a shared sentiment of wanting to get back to living their lives and being in the moment, versus thinking of what they can do that may or may not be worthy of a blog post or sound bite.

What do you think?  How has your life changed?  Have you changed because of technology?  Have I??  It's given me a lot to ponder...and pray about.

Happy Sunday, all!

Enjoy!! Liz


  1. Absolutely love this, Liz. Guilty like everyone else. Looking forward to your new Connect and Encourage blog.

  2. My husband refused from day 1 to do email. I am drowning in it and so is everyone I know.
    He said: "I need to hear a person's tone of voice! I am a telephone, and yellow pad man! (He does use a fax; and some of our vendors and people keep faxes just because of our company!)

    He was right. He said it years will only "disconnect" people!

    It is sad.

  3. So. Now what do we do???

    A business reporter at the NYTimes declared "email bankruptcy"! erased over 85,000 emails!
    He said it was the most insidious and performance reducing form of communication ever invented ! I have to find his article!!