Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Stories

I have so much to write about for the next few days! Such interesting people and products here at the National Genealogical Society Conference.

The company I want to highlight today is the amazing Stories To Tell Books.  They make it so easy to tell your story...or (ESPECIALLY!) your ancestor's an attractive, professional, high quality book, that can be marketed and sold.  I am amazed by what I saw at their booth, and it has changed my mind completely about a do-it-yourself book through one of the many photos sites I use.  Those are great for family gifts, but what if you have a larger story to tell?

Grab your cup of coffee or tea, check out their website and think about whose story YOU'D like to tell.  This company is not your typical "self-publishing" house.  Click across the page bar at the top of their site to learn more. This is an unbelievable process that goes far beyond what others do.  I haven't used them yet myself, so cannot speak to the end product per se...but I can tell you that they are lovely people, and I was delighted to have the chance to spend time with them this week!)

More soon!


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