Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family History/Genealogy Time

Taking a break from the decluttering/organizing to spend a few days at the National Genealogical Society's annual conference.  They come to Richmond every few years, and it's always a fabulous experience.  (We are blessed to have the Library of Virginia here in Richmond...a genealogical heaven!!)  I learn so much, each and every time I attend, and this week is proving to be no exception.

The NGS is having a Twitter event, so the great majority of my tweets from Thursday-Saturday will be #ngs2014gen.  I know not all of you are into genealogy...although it is VERY popular with "preppies" don't be too overwhelmed.  I think you'll find them interesting, and I will link you to fun sites as often as I can.

Of course, the shopping is always a highlight for me at a conference.  The NGS delivers!  I will be highlighting some of my favorites today through the weekend, and will start with a local landmark.

The Library of Virginia has redone their gift shop, and I (for some odd reason) have always scooted in and right back out for research, without checking it out over the past couple of years.  No more of that!  Not after what I saw at their mini-shop at the conference.  They have amazing things!!  I will highlight some particulars this weekend, but for case you drop by the are a couple of snaps.

The NGS Resource Room...i.e., BIG room full of fabulous vendors is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  You do not have to be registered for the conference.  Right on the main floor of the Convention Center, you can't miss it.  Come by and check it out!!  More soon...


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