Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Find: Traveling In Style

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately...and will be doing a lot more later this spring.  When I was buying something at the newsstand in a major metropolitan airport recently, the clerk looked at me and said, "You look so nice and put together!"  I was dressed quite jeans with black boots, a cream colored pullover and my black all-purpose cape with fringe.  Comfortable yet neat clothes.

It seems I am an oddity.

(I swear, when waiting for early morning flights, I look around and see people traveling in seems to be their pajamas!  Heavens!!!)

Miss Betty (and my dad) wouldn't have thought about traveling like slobs...ever! They never left the house, no matter how informal the occasion, without being put together...and it was the same for all their friends.  (They didn't call them "the greatest generation" for nothing!)

I admire that approach.  I try to mirror it in my life. Yes...I am guilty of the yoga pants and big sweatshirt trips to the grocery store at "off hours" of the day...but, for the most part, I try.

Miss Betty in her 20's modeling travel attire and accessories
for a Greenville, SC department store. (I believe it was Meyers-Arnold.)

Miss Betty traveling circa 1972.
Leaving from the Miami airport...

There is a photo feature in a recent Vanity Fair that covers this...and a great link via Town and Country that you might find encouraging. (Harper's Bazaar and Veranda have featured it recently as well.)

I think we've gone from "dressing to impress" to "dressing to depress." We need to just dress appropriately.

Here endeth my sermon.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. Liz

    I couldn't agree more! The last time we traveled to Europe, we saw beautifully dressed women in the supermarket! Not fancy, but just well put together. When we returned home and went to the market, we literally saw someone in pajama bottoms and and sweats as if they just got out of bed. It takes such little effort to put yourself together . . . AND I think you feel better too.

    Have a great weekend.