Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday Wonders: Historic Houses

This is one of my favorite places.  Ok....I'm a little partial because I am a member of the group that owns/administers it...but it is just wonderful!!

Next time you're in Washington, D.C., head on over to Georgetown and visit the beautiful Dumbarton House.  It was featured in yesterday's New York Social Diary.

For more information about seeing Dumbarton House, please visit

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Memories: The Mick

All my life I have loved Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland.   Mickey passed away yesterday and Hollywood lost another legend.  What a talent! Rest in peace, dear Mickey.... I am sure heaven is hearing a beautiful duet this morning!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Find: Traveling In Style

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately...and will be doing a lot more later this spring.  When I was buying something at the newsstand in a major metropolitan airport recently, the clerk looked at me and said, "You look so nice and put together!"  I was dressed quite jeans with black boots, a cream colored pullover and my black all-purpose cape with fringe.  Comfortable yet neat clothes.

It seems I am an oddity.

(I swear, when waiting for early morning flights, I look around and see people traveling in seems to be their pajamas!  Heavens!!!)

Miss Betty (and my dad) wouldn't have thought about traveling like slobs...ever! They never left the house, no matter how informal the occasion, without being put together...and it was the same for all their friends.  (They didn't call them "the greatest generation" for nothing!)

I admire that approach.  I try to mirror it in my life. Yes...I am guilty of the yoga pants and big sweatshirt trips to the grocery store at "off hours" of the day...but, for the most part, I try.

Miss Betty in her 20's modeling travel attire and accessories
for a Greenville, SC department store. (I believe it was Meyers-Arnold.)

Miss Betty traveling circa 1972.
Leaving from the Miami airport...

There is a photo feature in a recent Vanity Fair that covers this...and a great link via Town and Country that you might find encouraging. (Harper's Bazaar and Veranda have featured it recently as well.)

I think we've gone from "dressing to impress" to "dressing to depress." We need to just dress appropriately.

Here endeth my sermon.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Still Laughing...

The following has been making its way around the internet again...courtesy of Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys.  The link is at the bottom of the piece.  I. love. Dave. Barry.  I read this days ago, and am still laughing.

(The man he is writing about seems to be my husband.  He hasn't missed a thing in his description!)

Let's say a guy named Fred is attracted to a woman named Martha. He asks her out to a movie; she accepts; they have a pretty good time. A few nights later he asks her out to dinner, and again they enjoy themselves. They continue to see each other regularly, and after a while neither one of them is seeing anybody else.

And then, one evening when they're driving home, a thought occurs to Martha, and, without really thinking, she says it aloud: "Do you realize that, as of tonight, we've been seeing each other for exactly six months?"

And then, there is silence in the car.

To Martha, it seems like a very loud silence. She thinks to herself: I wonder if it bothers him that I said that. Maybe he's been feeling confined by our relationship; maybe he thinks I'm trying to push him into some kind of obligation that he doesn't want, or isn't sure of.

And Fred is thinking: Gosh. Six months.

And Martha is thinking: But, hey, I'm not so sure I want this kind of relationship either. Sometimes I wish I had a little more space, so I'd have time to think about whether I really want us to keep going the way we are, moving steadily towards, I mean, where are we going? Are we just going to keep seeing each other at this level of intimacy? Are we heading toward marriage? Toward children? Toward a lifetime together? Am I ready for that level of commitment? Do I really even know this person?

And Fred is thinking: that means it was...let's see...February when we started going out, which was right after I had the car at the dealer's, which means...lemme check the odometer...Whoa! I am way overdue for an oil change here.

And Martha is thinking: He's upset. I can see it on his face. Maybe I'm reading this completely wrong. Maybe he wants more from our relationship, more intimacy, more commitment; maybe he has sensed - even before I sensed it - that I was feeling some reservations. Yes, I bet that's it. That's why he's so reluctant to say anything about his own feelings. He's afraid of being rejected.

And Fred is thinking: And I'm gonna have them look at the transmission again. I don't care what those morons say, it's still not shifting right. And they better not try to blame it on the cold weather this time. What cold weather? It's 87 degrees out, and this thing is shifting like a garbage truck, and I paid those incompetent thieves $600.

And Martha is thinking: He's angry. And I don't blame him. I'd be angry, too. I feel so guilty, putting him through this, but I can't help the way I feel. I'm just not sure.

And Fred is thinking: They'll probably say it's only a 90-day warranty...scumballs.

And Martha is thinking: Maybe I'm just too idealistic, waiting for a knight to come riding up on his white horse, when I'm sitting right next to a perfectly good person, a person I enjoy being with, a person I truly do care about, a person who seems to truly care about me. A person who is in pain because of my self-centered, schoolgirl romantic fantasy.

And Fred is thinking: Warranty? They want a warranty? I'll give them a warranty. I'll take their warranty and stick it right up their...

"Fred," Martha says aloud.

"What?" says Fred, startled.

"Please don't torture yourself like this," she says, her eyes beginning to brim with tears. "Maybe I should never have...oh dear, I feel so..."(She breaks down, sobbing.)

"What?" says Fred.

"I'm such a fool," Martha sobs. "I mean, I know there's no knight. I really know that. It's silly. There's no knight, and there's no horse."

"There's no horse?" says Fred.

"You think I'm a fool, don't you?" Martha says.

"No!" says Fred, glad to finally know the correct answer.

"It's just's that I...I need some time," Martha says.

(There is a 15-second pause while Fred, thinking as fast as he can, tries to come up with a safe response. Finally he comes up with one that he thinks might work.)

"Yes," he says. (Martha, deeply moved, touches his hand.)

"Oh, Fred, do you really feel that way?" she says.

"What way?" says Fred.

"That way about time," says Martha.

"Oh," says Fred. "Yes." (Martha turns to face him and gazes deeply into his eyes, causing him to become very nervous about what she might say next, especially if it involves a horse. At last she speaks.)

"Thank you, Fred," she says.

"Thank you," says Fred.

Then he takes her home, and she lies on her bed, a conflicted, tortured soul, and weeps until dawn, whereas when Fred gets back to his place, he opens a bag of Doritos, turns on the TV, and immediately becomes deeply involved in a rerun of a college basketball game between two South Dakota junior colleges that he has never heard of. A tiny voice in the far recesses of his mind tells him that something major was going on back there in the car, but he is pretty sure there is no way he would ever understand what, and so he figures it's better if he doesn't think about it.

The next day Martha will call her closest friend, or perhaps two of them, and they will talk about this situation for six straight hours. In painstaking detail, they will analyze everything she said and everything he said, going over it time and time again, exploring every word, expression, and gesture for nuances of meaning, considering every possible ramification. They will continue to discuss this subject, off and on, for weeks, maybe months, never reaching any definite conclusions, but never getting bored with it either.

Meanwhile, Fred, while playing racquetball one day with a mutual friend of his and Martha's, will pause just before serving, frown, and say: "Norm, did Martha ever own a horse?"

And that's the difference between men and women.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday: Genealogy

My great, great-grandmother, Elizabeth Louise Hunter McMeekin

There is so much I need to do today, but since I just upgraded to Family Tree Maker Mac 3 yesterday, something tells me that some genealogy work will be slipping into the schedule.  I am one of the few people in my family interested in family history, so a lot of photographs, letters, etc. have been left in my care...which I find thrilling!

How about YOU?  Are you interested in family history?  If so, check out the National Genealogical Conference, which will be here in Richmond in May.  It's an amazing experience, and I cannot wait to go back and "dig deeper!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts: The Good, The Bad And The Delicious

Today was a new beginning for me.  A recommitment to healthy eating and exercise.  Good breakfast, off to work with a personal trainer for a "refresher course," and a healthy salad for lunch...

Photo from the Popcorners website.
Then there was the bag of Popcorners.

My 17 year old daughter turned me on to these on a recent JetBlue flight...and she returned with some from the grocery store yesterday, as a "surprise."  Ha!  The surprise will be on her when she gets home from school today, because I have had way more of these divine little munchies than I should have....and that's not an April Fool's joke, either.

Have you tried them?  They are DELICIOUS...and addictive.  The "Kettle" variety is my favorite, and actually, the nutrition info is not bad at all.  Five servings per bag at 120 calories per serving. Total fat 3.5 grams, 21 grams of carbs and only 2 grams of sugar.  They even have 2 grams of protein. I just find it hard not to eat more than one serving. My bad!!!

So, off the store I replace the bag that has only crumbs in it at this point.  I didn't eat the whole thing, but I certainly had more than one serving!

I gave up soft drinks/sodas for Lent and that's going well.  Thank goodness I didn't try to give up Popcorners.  How about YOU?  Anything you find in your kitchen that's hard to resist?