Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tuesday Thought: Design

For the rest of the week, we'll talk about design.  Before we get into history, the cast of characters, etc. I want to take a look at some modern day online design tools.

We all do a lot with photography in one way or another.  Whether we simply order a print and frame it, or we make a design collage to share with our decorator, we work with photographs.  Digital images. Jpegs.  Blessings!!

I say blessings, because I am of an age (54!) that I remember all too well the days of taking photographs, mailing the film or delivering it for developing and then waiting, waiting, waiting to see what they would look like. Today, you focus, snap and edit on a smartphone and can have a high-resolution image in seconds. Press another icon and you can wirelessly print the picture on high quality photo paper.  It's great!!

Let me tell you about something else that's great...and very user friendly. An artist friend of mine and I were discussing some of our frustration with Photoshop and I told her about a company I learned of when it first started, and have been a client/fan of ever since....and... it's free! (I pay the upgrade fee for more features, but that's only $33 a year.)  I have no ties to this company whatsoever.  I'm just a woman who doesn't want to spend forever trying to get red-eye out of a picture or try to level a slightly askew image.  That company is PicMonkey.com.

I was online today, working with some images and noticed they had an offer, where you could try their upgraded features FREE for a week.  So, I wanted to let my readers know!  You might have fun trying it out.... Here's the link!! Enjoy...

Cheers! Liz

P.S.  If you do try it, check out the lipstick icon on the left.  This lets you erase dark circles and lines, whiten teeth and "Insta-thin" any photo that might have added weight. They say "the camera adds 10 lbs." Well, Picmonkey takes them off!!  I didn't have to use the Insta-thin feature on my grandmother, but I did borrow a church directory photo of her to show you what Picmonkey can do!

She was probably about 90 in this picture.  She died a few weeks before her 101st birthday and she drove until she was about 95.  She was an amazing woman, and I am proud to be named after her.


Quick crop and color balance
Used Clone and Wrinkle Remover to refresh her look!

Quick frame with monogram and dates using an interesting font

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  1. I love picmonkey. We use it for The Gracious Posse all the time. Your grandmother is cutie. I see a bit of resemblance (and it doesn't have anything to do with wrinkles - face structure only).