Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Matters: Books Of The Month

Just in case you need some "Prep-help" in the kitchen...
Check out this cute cookbook.

This colorful little book might be a great Valentine's Day gift.... with a box of chocolates to go with it, of course.

I'll check it out and let you know! You can preview it here in the meantime.

One book I can highly recommend, because I ordered it as soon as I heard about it, is Jennifer Boles' In with the Old.

Many of you are familiar with Jennifer, who is the author of The Peak of Chic blog.  She has done an outstanding job with her "A to Z" guide to the classics of decorating.You can learn more about Jennifer here.

I love, love, LOVE this book and highly recommend it for your personal bookshelf as well as for gifts for friends and family.  Click here to preview!!

I am one of those people who read every page of a book and was so excited to see three names from my past at Tiffany & Co. in Atlanta mentioned in the acknowledgements: Kappy Powell and Bebe Forehand, who were with me in the Corporate Division, as well Angela Patrick, who was also with Tiffany's and lived across the driveway from my duplex.  Jennifer, please tell our "friends-in-common" that Liz Steele (my maiden name) said, "Hello!"

Both of these books will be my February features...and both are for sale at Amazon for GREAT prices.  They look like wonderful things to keep on hand for hostess gifts!


  1. StyleBlueprint had an interview with Jennifer Boles today, and I've just put In with the Old on my "to buy" list. Can't wait to hear what you think of The Preppy Cookbook.

  2. Liz, Thank you so very much for the nice review! Tiffany & Co. certainly was a special place back in those days. Please come see us in Atlanta. I'll put together a lunch with Kappy, Bebe, Angela, you, and me!

  3. Thanks, Jennifer! I adore your book and am getting ready to order more copies for gifts!! I would love to have lunch with you and the Tiffany ladies when I am next in Atlanta!!! Best, Liz