Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Wondering: Social Media In Print

I had the best time this week, creating a very special present for a very special friend.  I actually made two of this item, because it's a baby gift.  Hoping that it is something the baby will keep forever (it focuses on his family), I made a second version that he could touch, fold, drool on, etc....and use!!

It made me reflect on the things we want to keep in life.  Family photos, videos, artwork.... but what about the things we randomly share on social media?  Especially Facebook?  Are those things you would want in print...your own annual (yearbook)?

Well...if the answer to that is "yes".... you're in luck!  Just saw this via Facebook and think it looks amazing, IF you don't have a lot of junk on your Facebook page.

Have any of you ventured into this type of memory book?  What do you think?  Let me know!

(I have not tried this, nor worked with this company before, so I cannot personally recommend it, but they have been offering 30% off, and I believe prices start at $11.  Check it out here.)

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