Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Thoughts: Telling A Story

I will be posting a little more on organizing this week...and then getting into some fun posts about china, crystal and silver...staples in any "classic preppy" household!

Each and every year I dread the un-decorating of the Christmas tree.  This year, however, I looked at it with a new eye.  This year I made it a challenge.  If I had a box for a special ornament, it was found, matched to the box and put in a special drawer.  Everything else...all those ornaments that are laid carefully into the big red and green box, but then run together on the way up and back from the attic....well, those ornaments were charged with a special task.  They had to go back in grouped with their "friends"...the ornaments that went together to tell a particular story.


It was fun!!  I know, I know....I can't believe it either... but it was!!!  Such sweet memories came bubbling forth. Ornaments from my childhood, from our first year of marriage, from when our "babies" really were babies... Grouped into gallon size storage bags, they fit perfectly into the bin with room to spare.  Broken ornaments were mended, those in no shape to go on were properly disposed of, and ornaments not used in the past few years went into a bag for next year.  If they don't make it to the tree, off they go to Goodwill.

I wrote about this on my personal Facebook page and had a friend call me yesterday, who said she'd been inspired to try it as well.  She loved it!!  So, try it next year....or, if your tree is still up, this year!



  1. I missed part of your story, Liz, with a picture covering what appears to be the second paragraph. Can you help?

  2. Hi, Alison! Sorry you had trouble.... I checked it out, but couldn't find that on the devices I used. Blogger often has these glitches, though... So, I just moved the pictures... Hope that helps!! Thanks!!! Liz