Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings: Inspiration

Sometimes one is inspired!  That happened to me the other morning...just as I was waking up.  I am giving credit where credit is God.  He put this thought in my head.

For months I have been working at decluttering/downsizing, and have been successful...but find that I often have hotspots of clutter in certain rooms...the master bedroom being the main culprit.  I want to live a life that "flows"... not one that is jammed by clutter and mess.  But, I think I have been concentrating on the wrong verb.

I woke up with the word inhabit on my mind.  But in this instance it wasn't its typical meaning.  I saw the word as broken into "in-habit"...and then it hit me!  You live IN the habits you have formed...and I have formed some bad ones.  I have cleaned up the clutter, but I haven't put as many new habits into place as I should have.

So....add that to my New Year's resolutions.  Use what I already have and develop (and practice) new habits!!

Look at all the potential hotspots!
The sofa and chairs in the sitting area of our bedroom have been clutter magnets.
No more!!

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