Monday, January 27, 2014

Marvelous Monday: Real Life Downton Abbey

First, I must qualify this by saying I am still VERY disappointed with some of the choices that Julian Fellows made in this past season of Downton Abbey.  Having said that, I watched the whole season, hoping its writing would improve (which it didn't).  So, this will probably be my last Downton post.

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The concluding episode of Downton is always the Christmas show.  Although it received mediocre to poor reviews in the UK, the closing episode is very "pretty" and has to do with Rose's being presented at court (and to the Prince of Wales).  It probably won't be shown here for a few weeks, but I thought you might be interested in a "real-life parallel" to the story, recently published in the New York Social Diary.

If you haven't read that particular column from NYSD, get a cup of tea and settle down.  Take your time.  It is full of fascinating people and places!  You'll learn more about not only the Prince of Wales (Duke of Windsor), but about Lilly Pulitzer's mother and other wonderful women of their time, such as Mona von Bismark (more on her tomorrow). You'll even see Bing Crosby at play! Take a closer look...especially at the later pictures of the parties at home in the 1960's.  Look at the backgrounds in these pictures.  Beautifully genuine and elegant...not staged, overly decorated or "showy." Classic, in the very best sense of the word.


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  1. I am also disappointed by DA this season and actually quit watching after the third episode this season. Such a disappointment!