Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Find: Hidden Treasure

Each Friday I will try to highlight some "treasure" that I have discovered in my house during this massive decluttering/downsizing venture of mine.  You might have seen my post on Facebook that I found a long missing gold earring under the washing machine.  That was cool...and other things have followed.

This discovery is a bit different.  I am a huge classic movie fan, but I am...and have been since my childhood...a tremendous Judy Garland fan.  So, some years ago, when Judy's CBS TV series was released on DVD, I was one of the first in line.  I have a rather large collection of the TV classics on DVD for fear they won't be on TV any more and I will be lost.  So, those DVD's went into one of the cabinets which house The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, Perry Mason, Hazel, The Donna Reed Show, Keeping Up Appearances, etc., etc. etc.  I have a lot of "etc."!!!  Well...I watched a few episodes, but didn't get back to them. As I reorganized one of the DVD cabinets, they came forward and I decided to watch order of how they were filmed/released.

WOW!!! What a talent...what an extraordinary voice and presence.  And what a valuable thing to own.  Those DVD's, now out of print, sell starting at $125 per set (There are two box sets of DVD's in the collection).

One of my favorite episodes of The Judy Garland Show is when she hosts Barbra Streisand, age 21.  At that point, she had a nightclub act and had appeared in I Can Get It For You Wholesale on Broadway.  This was pre-Funny Girl (play and movie) and she was simply amazing.  But, she was also nervous...and to watch how Judy handles that is heartwarming.

Thanks to YouTube, you, too, can see moments from this hour long special.  Enjoy!

In this number, Judy and Barbra each take one of their well-known numbers and blend them together seamlessly. This was Judy Garland's idea and it was perfect!

This is a cute medley of songs based on the show's "theme" that week of trying to cut costs when doing a weekly TV show.

And finally...the Tea For Two discussion segment, where Ethel Merman "appears" to join in a belting number. She (as Ethel Merman often did) took over, but it is touching to watch Judy reach out to Barbra and make sure she is included!

Have a great weekend!  Cheers, Liz

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