Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: Pictures To Come

Been so busy....haven't had a chance to take any pics, but will post some tomorrow!  In the meantime, this is one I snapped a couple of years ago...Memories of my (now grown up) babies!!  The silver bell on the tree engraved Frances is for our middle daughter, whom we lost at birth in 1994.  The bell is in honor of the famous line from It's A Wonderful Life.  "Whenever a bell rings, somewhere an angel gets his wings."  It always brings me great joy to hang that ornament on the tree....and I keep it on a shelf with the girls' baby cups during the rest of the year...where it brings sweet memories as well.

And here is an updated picture of my White House Christmas tree on the entry hall table.  I was missing a few ornaments when I photographed it before.  The tree has ornaments from the year we were married (1989) on!

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