Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Week Away

Where has the time gone?  Meant to post....really I did....but life kept me busy.  I am doing a MASSIVE cleaning/decluttering/organizing/simplifying project in my house (which my dear friend and decorator calls "The Gracious Home").  It is a HUGE project, but I am having a marvelous time...finding all kinds of things, which have been missing for ages.

Today, for fun, I got into a few cabinets (8 shelves worth) and wash, dried and reorganized.  8 shelves down today....only 18 more to go!  Plus 15 cabinets and 23 drawers.  (It's a great kitchen...the house was built in 1980 and has good storage.)
Four of the eight shelves I tackled today!

I was inspired not long ago to commit to something for the end of this year and all of 2014....Not to buy anything new (clothes, jewelry, decorative accessories unless there was a real need.  So, if my eating plan keeps working and I lose these last 15 pounds, new pants might be in order.  Otherwise, I am shopping in my closets!)  Organizing my house has shown me that we have a real abundance (stockpile) of things which are more or less unused... That's changing.  Some things we got rid of. Don't want them or need them.  Others have been cleaned, pressed or polished and are ready to go!

I am anticipating a 2014 with a lot of luncheons for friends and nicer dinners for my family as well as for our friends.  I think this coming year one of my tag lines will be "A Meal Should Be a Big Deal."  Cloth napkins, silver, crystal....Those things will be making a weekly/bi-weekly appearance, working their way into daily employment.  I can't wait to get started....

Have you started thinking about your New Year's resolutions yet?

Some of my great-grandmother's crystal is pictured below... She was born in 1861, married in 1888 and died in 1952.  Her name was Minnie Calhoun Ragsdale McMeekin.

Her mother, Elizabeth Louise Hunter McMeekin (1835-1921), was the first of four Elizabeth's in the line (my grandmother, mother, myself and my older daughter).


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  1. I have my grandmother's crystal, china, and sterling....looking forward to passing it to my daughters some day!

    I need major organization of my house....wish I had the time! I'm jealous!
    Happy New Year!