Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: More On Manners

Sorry....  I will get to the fun manners moments in another post.  Have to get this off my chest first.

This is something that has been getting on my nerves since 2005...the first time I can remember it happening to me.  It has become more and more common, and I think that people are even being trained to do it.

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It is wrong.

It is insulting.

It needs to stop now.

I have a name.  We all do. Two names (or more!) as a matter of fact, a first and a last.  You may call me by either, but do not call me "Mom" (unless you are one of my children or one of their close friends.)  What is it with that?  Nurses, school personnel, etc.  "Mom says Judy has been running a fever."

Really?  You don't see my name on the chart?  I do.  It's there.  You don't remember my introducing myself to you, over and over again....even inviting you to call me by my first name?  Did that several times, too....

It's like the staff in hospitals and nursing homes who start right off calling their elderly patients by their first names.  And they wonder why the patients don't respond...or don't respond cheerfully....  To that generation (and to mine, to a great extent), respect means Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. until you know the person better.

We've already lost so many communication skills because of the wonders of electronic communication.... Let's not lose the personal.  Find out what the other person's name is.  Use it. Please.


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  1. Dear Liz, have been loving all your recent posts - and especially the manners matters! The more we can talk about this - in all aspects - the better.Thank you for making a difference. Brava, Frances