Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Musings: Back In Business

Happy Monday to you all!  I have missed being with you...and apologize for my absence.  So much has been happening and I have flown thousands of miles in the past three weeks.  As soon as I can, I will post some pictures and thoughts.

One of the places I visited (locally) that was so much fun, was Schuyler, Virginia.  Home to one of my favorite writers (and Virginians), the wonderful Earl Hamner, Schuyler is in one of the prettiest parts of Virginia, due west/northwest from Richmond.  But our tour didn't start in started right here in Richmond!  Mr. Hamner lived a few blocks away from where I live now, when he was at the University of Richmond ("Boatwright University" in The Waltons) when we took our sister and brother-in-law on The Waltons "tour" to Schuyler, we started on Willway Avenue, Richmond!

If you are ever in the Charlottesville area, it's not far....and you must go!  (If you come from Richmond, take Hwy 6 and go the back way.  When you get to Scottsville, you can stop and have breakfast or lunch at the famous Lumpkins Restaurant.  We had a lovely morning visiting with Mrs. Lumpkin herself...89 years old and in better shape than women half her age!!!)

Lumpkins Restaurant and Motel, Scottsville, Virginia
(Cash only...but the prices are dirt cheap.... Great food!!)

Main hall of the Walton's Mountain Museum

Recreation of John-Boy's room

Models of the Baldwin Sisters' house and the Walton's house

The Kitchen

The Living Room

The "Recipe Room"

Miss Emily and Miss Mamie always served properly.  Love the silver julep cups!

The real Hamner House, across the street from the museum

The beautiful church where the Hamner family worshipped.


  1. I used to live on Willway and still miss it desperately sometimes. Earl's old house is now owned by a wonderful widow whose late husband could tell a great story, too. Glad to know about Schuyler.

  2. I recently moved to Virginia and now live a couple of hours north of Schuyler. We've visited sites near there but still need to visit "Walton's Mountain."