Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday At The Cemetery

I am a sad today.... My husband is down in SC at the funeral of his cousin, who was a dear young man.  Another college friend is in Richmond this weekend for the funeral of her sweet aunt, her dad's sister.  Sadly, this family lost an uncle a couple of weeks ago, so the mourning is double.  We know the Lord has wonderful things waiting in heaven, but there is still the grief for the loss we feel here on earth.

Some people avoid cemeteries like the plague.  I, on the other hand, being the family genealogist, often find myself spending hours upon hours, visiting various cemeteries throughout Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia, taking pictures and recording information from tombstones.  I also participate as a member in, supplying photos and info for family members and others.  I have connected with several distant cousins through that work and my work on  Becoming a genealogist/family detective is a lot of fun...just like working on an interesting jigsaw puzzle.  But with genealogy, you start at the center and work your way the picture of the puzzle grows and grows!

If you are doing any genealogy work and happen to visit cemetery websites, looking for your ancestors, be sure to check out (via who else might be there.  I have briefly visited (and paid my respects) to past film star Joseph Cotten (Petersburg, VA) and a former member of The Little Rascals/Our Gang, Norman "Chubby" Chaney (Baltimore, MD).  I even ran across the story of a young man who has made the effort to record the final resting places of those actors/performers who gave so much to the public, even though some of them are fading into obscurity as their fans of old are also aging out.  It is called, Looking For Miss Crabtree and it is by Kevin W. Buck.  It is a very sweet and dear book, and I highly recommend it.  It covers everyone from Humphrey Bogart, to Irene Ryan, to members of The Little Rascals.  

You can order it through there is a special Kindle version available for only $1.99 at the writing of this post.  

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