Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twitter Thursday

Photo courtesy The Pretty and Proper Living Room
Today would be a GREAT day to enter our giveaway via Twitter!  Just tweet the word "Enter" to @ClassicPreppy.  (You can also leave a comment here to have an additional chance to win!)

More on the book itself tomorrow... but for today, I want you to think more about YOUR house.  Do you live in a house like Holly's?  One that's historic and has a name?  I think Fox Hall is simply stunning, and so enjoyed being a guest there! It has a name and an interesting history.

Does your house have a name?  Ours didn't...but we gave it one!  I will tell you more about that in a post next week.  If your house doesn't have a name, what is its "personality?"  If you were building it and needed to name it, what would the name reflect?  Think about houses with names....everything from Tara (Gone With the Wind) to Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright) to Winterthur.  They indicate a real sense of place.... We'll talk about more of those next week....including Frances Schultz's adorable Bee Cottage!

Ok...pick up those cell phones or go to and tweet "Enter" to @ClassicPreppy for a chance to win The Pretty and Proper Living Room!


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  1. We don't live in an old or historic house, but our house was affectionately named "Hotel Chadsworth" by my children and the their friends a few years ago...and we all call it that now. I have a blended family of eight children and we always have a house full of friends as well as lots of sleepovers, and the kids' friends love the monogrammed towels and pancake breakfasts on Saturday mornings. I love that our house feels like a home to so many, and that the kids love to spend time "hanging out" here. Soon they will all be grown and I will miss these days!