Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Great Decorating Advice

Today I am pleased and privileged to introduce you all to the unbelievably talented Holly Holden.  You'll be hearing more about Holly as we discuss decorating over the next week or so, but you need to know about her new book TODAY!  I couldn't say it better than the book's press release, so I'll share that first:

Today, Connecticut-based interior designer Holly Holden launches her first book, “The Pretty and Proper Living Room,” in which she shares her “secret code” for classic and elegant design. Unlike many “how to” design books, “The Pretty and Proper Living Room” is as entertaining as it is informative, with personal playful anecdotes interwoven with detailed descriptions of how to acquire, display and maintain must-have items for a timeless living room.

Inspired by her daughter’s desire to create a house full of elegance, sophistication and refinement, Holly began jotting down guidelines and tips which ultimately grew into “The Pretty and Proper Living Room”. The first of the “Pretty and Proper” series, the book introduces newcomers to the prevalent themes of formal decorating and provides readers with the necessary knowledge to create their own stately interior with the goal of decorating once for a lifetime. In this gentle manual, Holly demonstrates how classic design can be comfortable and inviting, not pretentious or stuffy. Replete with practical advice and “no-no’s to know,” each chapter addresses specific items necessary to creating the quintessential genteel living room, from porcelain and pillows to chandeliers and candlesticks.“The Pretty and Proper Living Room” is available for purchase at Amazon as well as www.prettyandproper.com, for $55. 

What I want to say to you, beyond the press release, is that you will definitely want this book and you definitely want to get it through Holly's website.  There you have many options, including signed and personalized copies.  You also get more of a personal peek into Holly's world.

I met Holly this past May at a party she threw for a 
national historic preservation group of which I'm a 
member.  We have all been to these kinds of parties and the hosts and hostesses are always very kind and gracious, welcoming complete strangers into their homes.  Holly went so far above and beyond that by the time I left I felt I had truly made a new friend.  When I say her house is extraordinary, I mean every single syllable of that word.  Not only is Fox Hall an incredible historic structure, but Holly's attention to every detail and her choice of furniture, fabric and fabulous decorative accessories make a stunning presentation.  Literally a "stop in the door and 'ooh and ah' moment."  BUT...you also feel so welcome and comfortable in the space, you immediately get the sense of "home."  There is an energy and connectedness about it all that make it simply perfection!

My copy of The Pretty and Proper Living Room is winging its way to me as I write this.  As soon as it arrives, you will read my full review...but I can tell you, even knowing Holly as little as I do, it's going to be great!  If you are young and decorating your first house or apartment, it's for you!  If you're older (like I am) and thinking about refreshing your look or even just rearranging your furniture, it's for you, too!!

There's not enough "pretty and proper" in the world today. I am very grateful to Holly for bringing it back!!

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  1. Looks like a FABULOUS book! Can't wait for your review!