Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: What Do You Have Going On Already?

One of the greatest things about The Pretty and Proper Living Room is that it makes you realize that you probably have a lot of great "things" to work with already.  From picture frames to full size sofas, Holly covers it all!  You probably have things "put up to use another time" that should come out and be used now.  What might those be?

Here is a picture from Holly's book that might inspire you.  Don't forget to leave a comment today for another entry to win this book!  (Instructions are in yesterday's post.)

Today's assignment....Look in a cabinet, a closet or even your attic.  What gracious element can you add to your living room/library/master bedroom, etc?  I have a little dish from Colonial Williamsburg that I adore, but has no real purpose.  It's now on the top of the desk in my sitting room and I love looking at it when writing notes to friends!



  1. This is so true...I just went "shopping" in my attic last week to find some things to add to my family room bookshelves. I had forgotten about some beautiful things I had saved that were my grandmother's.

  2. I have always put everything I love out! Maybe too much of it!!!