Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Taking Chances and Coming Attractions

Today was a day that was filled with tasks to complete. More decluttering, trips to Goodwill, appointments to make, a conference call on the calendar, and more!  So, what did I do? Well, except for the conference call, I played "hooky"...and am I glad I did. Not only did I see a movie that looked intriguing, I visited a new "art house" movie complex in Richmond, with petite "screening room" theatres. Since I was the only attendee at the 12 o'clock show, it was like being a studio executive having a private screening all to myself. I loved it!

If you are in the Richmond area, I urge you to check out the Criterion Cinemas, across the parking lot from the Bow Tie Cinemas Movieland building.

When I got home (just in time for the conference call), the mailman had been there...with my copy of The Pretty and Proper Living Room.  Check back tomorrow to get my complete review...and learn how you can win your own copy.  I will tell you this much...IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!  I only wish Miss Betty was still here to see it... She would have bought everyone on her Christmas list a copy!!

What did you do today?  You probably got a lot more accomplished than I did, but it's never too late to do something spontaneous. Play hooky by going to the park or a movie, or whatever you'd like.  It's a lot of fun...and really refreshing!!

Closed Circuit is the movie I saw today.  Excellent!

Cheers, Liz

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