Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sermon and Downton Abbey News

Happy Sunday!  Just got back from the most glorious day at church...  If you want to hear the sermon I heard you can find it at our church's podcast page here.

We have just started a new Sunday School series at church, too.  It's called "Not A Fan" and it's by Kyle Idelman.  It is just wonderful!!  Cannot recommend it enough.  Here's a preview (and if you want to see more, the first full episode is here):

Have a blessed, beautiful day! Love, Liz

PS.  Downton Abbey premieres in the UK tonight.  Last year I shared with the readers the way I watched it along with my British buddies for only pennies!  I go to and sign on.  You buy points and each episode is 2 points.  I believe you can get 100 points for $20... In the past years, VipTV has had Downton available the following Monday morning.  Hoping that's true tomorrow...I will let you know!

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