Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings: Seeing the Space

Now that I am achieving more space in these less cluttered rooms, I am thinking (and rethinking) about their arrangement.  Sometimes it's hard to see them differently than they already to "see" the floor plan differently, to see the space opened up....I do something very odd.  I stare at the ceiling.  It's pretty much the same space, just devoid of any furniture!  Although my master bedroom still has quite a bit of decluttering ahead, I am happy to report that there seems to be a lot of space I am excited about the possibilities!!

Tomorrow we are going to turn our attention to decorating and I am going to introduce you to an AMAZING woman and her equally amazing new book.  I think mine will be one of the first blogs to write about this book, and I am honored to say that I actually met this wonderful lady last spring, at a party at her extraordinary house in Farmington, Connecticut.  I cannot say enough about her and her talent....Can't wait for you to "meet" her!

In the meantime....Look UP!...How are YOUR ceilings?  What do they tell you about your space?

In honor of ceilings, here's Fred Astaire's famous "dancing on the ceiling" number from Royal Wedding. I love this YouTube video because it shows you how they turned the set as he danced, making the magic happen!  Enjoy!!

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