Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Find

Dear Readers,

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It was my intention to write a review of The Pretty and Proper Living Room today, to tell you all about it.  But, there's too much to tell!  We're going to have to do this over several days!!! Next week, Monday-Friday is "Pretty and Proper Week!"

Here's a peek:  First of all, I was expecting so much from this book.  After all, I have had the pleasure of meeting Holly and visiting Fox Hall in person.  Her book is everything I was expecting plus so much more!  The pictures are amazing, her ideas are brilliant and she...thanks be! very clear about what is correct and what is incorrect.  Yes, there are such things!

In this "$6.95 all-you-can-eat/pump-it-yourself/anything goes" world we live in, we have lost the sense of proper living.  In my opinion, that is why Downton Abbey is so popular.  People long for civilized living.  Remember, in Downton, it's not just the "Upstairs" people that live properly...the "Downstairs" people do as well.  Go back 40 years and watch shows like The Waltons. A Virginia mountain family living in the midst of the Depression, barely carving out a living...yet dining together, using good manners and living a "proper" life.  It can be done!

So, dearest Readers, next week will be about "proper living" and will feature different aspects of the book. The most exciting news is that Holly has sent me a copy to be given to one of my readers!  So, starting on Monday, you can register for this fabulous give away and have your own Pretty and Proper!

Have a lovely weekend.... Make it pretty and proper! Eat with your best flatware, pull out that china teapot and teacups, polish your antiques and, as you pass the cloth over the beautiful wood, think about the artisan who created it so very many years ago. Think about what you already "have," but may not be "using."  I'll bet you discover you have more "Pretty and Proper" treasures than you think!!

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  1. Great post! We eat together every night as a family (at least whoever is home) and one night last week the kitchen table was cluttered with homework spread out so I decided we would eat in our formal dining room. The kids loved it and asked to eat in there more often! It is unfortunate that I seem to be in the minority in my peer group as it relates to being proper.