Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Find: Support

I find that I need guidance and support in organization....and books and magazine articles just aren't doing all that I need.  So, I have hired a coach!  We'll be working together this month and I will report back to my readers on what I know will be FABULOUS results!!

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Her name is Debbie Bowie and her website is  Debbie has some great ideas and is trained to incorporate feng shui into organization.  I have actually applied some bits and pieces of feng shui to organizing projects before, and they have worked well for me, as they relate to how my brain processes a space.   There is a symmetry and clean simplicity about the result that really appeals to me. Just as the arrangement of a "Japanese garden" is one of my favorite forms of landscaping. (*I do, however, want to clarify by saying for me these are space arrangements only, not spiritual practices...Jesus is the "energy" in our home!)

Check out Debbie's website and her books.  Listen to this great teleseminar on ADD/ADHD and organizing.  I am not diagnosed as ADD, but have many of the issues she discusses.  She is a very insightful, talented lady... and my house will be quite a challenge I am sure...but I am looking forward to working with her!!


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