Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Friday: Cute New Blog

There is a cute new blog I've discovered right here in Richmond!  One of its authors had children in pre-school/elementary school when I did (15 year ago)...but I haven't seen her in years.  Even "virtual" catching-up is fun.

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Alison and Ellen's blog, The Gracious Posse, details many things that I am appreciative of but absolutely not gifted in when it comes to producing a good result.  (That's ok, though...I just did what I saw Miss Betty do all those years.  Find people who are good at those things and engage their services!)

So, hop on over and visit The Gracious Posse.  You'll love their cooking/baking, decorating, painting and sewing ideas/projects.  They are inspiring women!!

Have a great weekend....I'll be posting! Liz

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  1. Thanks so much for this lovely shout-out, Liz. The blogosphere is such an amazing way to reconnect to with old friends and find inspiration from so many talented people. I always look forward to the latest The Classic Preppy posts when they arrive in my inbox and so appreciate your kind words about The Gracious Posse.