Monday, September 30, 2013

Marvelous Monday: A Month Of Posts and A Downton Abbey Update

It was fun...and post each and every day in the month of September.  Because of my travel schedule, I won't be able to do that in October...but I will write as much as possible.

It's Monday and I need to get busy...lots of sorting to do today.  But I had to have my fall Monday morning ritual of signing on to and watching last night's (UK) Downton Abbey episode.

It was so good...and Maggie Smith was awesome as always.  I won't give you any spoilers, except that she had a marvelous way of putting Lord Grantham in his place in this episode.  I know you'll enjoy it when you see it.

Have a great last-day-of-September!  More soon!!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Sermon: Swing Down Chariot

Not at all preppy...but very fitting for a Sunday.  Seems as though Elvis Presley's favorite music was gospel music (the only thing for which he won a Grammy Award).  His 1969 film, The Trouble With Girls, was set in 1927...but featured Elvis with his late 60's sideburns.  It's not a great movie by any means, but it does feature this great gospel song!  Enjoy...


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Silly: Motivation

Most people are enjoying beautiful fall weather today... and a few football games as well.  I am "stuck" inside, continuing the massive downsizing/decluttering project.  Saw this cartoon and just had to share!  I have so many "small things" in the piles of clutter I am going through, that it seems overwhelming.  This is inspirational!!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Follow Friday: Cute New Blog

There is a cute new blog I've discovered right here in Richmond!  One of its authors had children in pre-school/elementary school when I did (15 year ago)...but I haven't seen her in years.  Even "virtual" catching-up is fun.

Photo courtesy
Alison and Ellen's blog, The Gracious Posse, details many things that I am appreciative of but absolutely not gifted in when it comes to producing a good result.  (That's ok, though...I just did what I saw Miss Betty do all those years.  Find people who are good at those things and engage their services!)

So, hop on over and visit The Gracious Posse.  You'll love their cooking/baking, decorating, painting and sewing ideas/projects.  They are inspiring women!!

Have a great weekend....I'll be posting! Liz

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Inspiration!

I am so very tired of reality shows about dysfunctional people who seem to want to become even more dysfunctional.  I am also "over" all the ads for television shows and movies about evil, the occult, people seeking revenge, adultery, you name it.  The culture we live in is circling the drain...and I don't want to be caught up in that.

The other day I caught a commercial for a channel I was not aware of.  The reason that it caught my eye was that they are going to start rebroadcasting the television series, Christy, based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Miss Betty's dear friend, Catherine Marshall. In the same commercial I noticed a few other shows that I like and one of my UK telly "faves," Robin Hood.  So....I've started watching more on The Inspiration Network. It truly lives up to its name!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: The Gracious Home

Picture courtesy of
My dear friend, Anne, who is also my decorator, jokingly refers to my house as "The Gracious Home."  I will tell you more about why in another post...but today I wanted to share with you the AWESOME website of a woman whom I not only had the pleasure of meeting today, but who will be working with in the weeks to come.

I shared Debbie's picture and story a couple of weeks ago, but I want you to really check out her I am sharing it again today. Take some time and listen to her audio webinar/teleseminar episodes, too.  She is helping me get "unstuck"...and I am so glad!!  Her book is available through her site or through Amazon.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings: Downton Abbey Series 4

I wasn't expecting much.  I was already upset with Dan Stevens for leaving the show and I still think it was a poor decision on his part.  Just ask David Caruso how well that worked out for him when he left to "pursue other options" when he left as the star of NYPD Blue.  From

His low-keyed intensity, deep-voiced somberness, pale skin, puffy-eyed baby face and crop of carrot-red hair are all obvious and intriguing trademarks of TV star David Caruso. A hugely popular item in the 1990s as a result of a smash crime series, he got way too caught up in all the hoopla surrounding him. Those working with him on the innovative cop series were not exactly unhappy when he decided to abandon ship after only one season in order to pursue movie star fame. Despite his own predictions, the show prospered quite well after the loss of his focal character...but it would be a major understatement to state that Caruso did not fare as well.

TV to film crossover fame is tricky and David did not have the right formula to pull it off. Bad judgment calls, bad publicity after his departure from his TV series, a couple of poor film vehicles, and virtual unemployment in its wake eventually led him back to the small screen again a somewhat humbler person. Not many are given a second chance but Caruso, the enigmatic talent that he is, found gold a second time as (again) a wan, brooding lead in a hip, unconventional cop series. (CSI).

Both photos courtesy of the Downton Abbey Facebook site
Even with low expectations, I didn't know how sad I would be when watching the first of the new series of Downton Abbey. (I watch via the day after it broadcasts in the UK.)  There was such a heaviness to the episode...such a darkness....but such a BRILLIANCE in its writing.  Julian Fellowes never ceases to amaze me.  The movement of darkness into light is so subtle, but simply spectacular.  It is like being a scuba diver.  He brings the Crawleys and the viewers up gradually, so we don't get the bends.

So, all I will tell you is this:  Get ready to say good-bye to an old friend and get ready to welcome someone back who, in my opinion, should have definitely stayed away.  I know some of you will wait until January to resume watching, so I will be very careful in the weeks to come and not reveal anything that might spoil your viewing. (*Don't forget, though...they edit the show to make it fit on Masterpiece.  Not much, but some.  If you can see the UK version/get the UK version DVD's, you won't miss anything!)



P.S. I very much hope that Mr. Stevens has great success in whatever he pursues.  I still miss Matthew, though.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Sermon and Downton Abbey News

Happy Sunday!  Just got back from the most glorious day at church...  If you want to hear the sermon I heard you can find it at our church's podcast page here.

We have just started a new Sunday School series at church, too.  It's called "Not A Fan" and it's by Kyle Idelman.  It is just wonderful!!  Cannot recommend it enough.  Here's a preview (and if you want to see more, the first full episode is here):

Have a blessed, beautiful day! Love, Liz

PS.  Downton Abbey premieres in the UK tonight.  Last year I shared with the readers the way I watched it along with my British buddies for only pennies!  I go to and sign on.  You buy points and each episode is 2 points.  I believe you can get 100 points for $20... In the past years, VipTV has had Downton available the following Monday morning.  Hoping that's true tomorrow...I will let you know!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Announcement

And the winner (via of The Pretty and Proper Living Room is.....

Step 7: Drawing Completed

The winner of your drawing is…
1stKaren Stetler (FB)
Congratulations on the drawing! It was completed on Saturday, 21 September 2013 at 13:07:43 UTC The winner was drawn from the list of entrants using true randomness, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs.

Congratulations, Karen!  Your book is on its way!!!

Have a great day, everyone... More tomorrow!!


Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday: Final Chance

Photo from The Pretty and Proper Living Room
Please do not reproduce.
(taken by my phone...please excuse the quality)
Today's the last chance to enter for The Pretty and Proper Living Room giveaway.  Refer to Monday's post for details...and check back tomorrow when the winner will be announced.

My final words this week are to the effect that I think Holly has created a perfect blend of education/enlightenment/entertainment.  The pictures are beautiful and inspiring, and the words give you a clear, precise path to follow for success.  I just snapped a picture out of the book to show you what I mean...Check out these fabulous chairs!!

More soon...We'll be back to movies this weekend and more on houses starting Monday...


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Twitter Thursday

Photo courtesy The Pretty and Proper Living Room
Today would be a GREAT day to enter our giveaway via Twitter!  Just tweet the word "Enter" to @ClassicPreppy.  (You can also leave a comment here to have an additional chance to win!)

More on the book itself tomorrow... but for today, I want you to think more about YOUR house.  Do you live in a house like Holly's?  One that's historic and has a name?  I think Fox Hall is simply stunning, and so enjoyed being a guest there! It has a name and an interesting history.

Does your house have a name?  Ours didn't...but we gave it one!  I will tell you more about that in a post next week.  If your house doesn't have a name, what is its "personality?"  If you were building it and needed to name it, what would the name reflect?  Think about houses with names....everything from Tara (Gone With the Wind) to Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright) to Winterthur.  They indicate a real sense of place.... We'll talk about more of those next week....including Frances Schultz's adorable Bee Cottage!

Ok...pick up those cell phones or go to and tweet "Enter" to @ClassicPreppy for a chance to win The Pretty and Proper Living Room!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Meet The Author

We've talked about the book, but haven't really had a chance to talk about its wonderful author, Holly Holden.

Please click here to visit Holly's website (which is different than the book's site).

Read about her story...then return here to leave a comment for another entry in our giveaway!

Sorry to be posting so late today... I've just returned from being out all day.  See you tomorrow!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts: What Do You Have Going On Already?

One of the greatest things about The Pretty and Proper Living Room is that it makes you realize that you probably have a lot of great "things" to work with already.  From picture frames to full size sofas, Holly covers it all!  You probably have things "put up to use another time" that should come out and be used now.  What might those be?

Here is a picture from Holly's book that might inspire you.  Don't forget to leave a comment today for another entry to win this book!  (Instructions are in yesterday's post.)

Today's assignment....Look in a cabinet, a closet or even your attic.  What gracious element can you add to your living room/library/master bedroom, etc?  I have a little dish from Colonial Williamsburg that I adore, but has no real purpose.  It's now on the top of the desk in my sitting room and I love looking at it when writing notes to friends!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Musings: The Pretty and Proper Contest

Good morning!  I am so excited about this week!!  Each day we will cover a different aspect of The Pretty and Proper Living Room and at the end of the week, I will have a drawing (thanks to and one of you will receive a copy as a gift from the author...  So, let the fun begin!
Photo courtesy Holly Holden
The Pretty and Proper Living Room
Please do not reproduce/republish.

One of the things I am absolutely loving about PPLR is that the author is not afraid to say what is incorrect and what the correct (best option) thing to do is.  She calls these the "Forbidden Faux Pas." You may click on the picture to the right to see more.  (*Please note that this is simply a picture I took while reading the book.)

To enter the contest, you may:

1. Leave a comment on a post any day this week. One comment per day, per person.  But, if you comment every day, then you will have five entries (chances to win)!  The contest will run until Friday at 11:59pm EDT and I will announce the winner on Saturday.

2. Tweet me @ClassicPreppy with the word "Enter."  This is an additional way to enter the contest!  One tweet per person please.  You don't have to "follow me" to have this count, but I would love it if you did!!

3. I will be creating a special Facebook event for the contest and you may enter there, by joining the event.

So, there are a lot of ways to win!  Ready, set, go!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Sermon: A Man Called Peter

If you have never seen it before, I urge you to rent, buy or borrow the wonderful film A Man Called Peter.  Better yet, read the book!   It is by Catherine Marshall, and it's all about her life and the life of her husband, the Rev. Peter Marshall.  Rev. Marshall was an amazing man of God and many of his sermons were excerpted from the movie.

This book and film have a special meaning for me, for Catherine was one of Miss Betty's dearest friends.  I grew up knowing her, and it was because of Catherine and her life that I was inspired to attend her alma mater for college. Her son Peter, who passed away a few years ago, was a dear friend...and the family's legacy continues this day through the work of her granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth Marshall.  I will write more about the Marshall family in later posts, but for now...a little glimpse into this amazing work:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Matinee: Austen Obsessed

I don't know that you will find a bigger Jane Austen fan than yours truly.  Yes, I must confess, it is an obsession.  Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Persuasion are my absolute favorites, but Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey are right up there as well. So I have been waiting with bated breath for Austenland to come to a theatre in Richmond.  Its reviews had been fair, not outstanding... but that was of little consequence to me.  Each has his or her own opinion. Nothing was going to keep me away.  Yesterday it premiered, and I was there to see it.

It was glorious... Lighthearted, funny and touching...with a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. I HIGHLY recommend it to you...and I am going back today with Older Daughter, who is also an Austen fan, and who will be home from grad school for the weekend.

Austenland will definitely be in my DVD collection when it's released that way, but in the meantime, try to find it in a movie theatre near you.  It is a treat!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Find

Dear Readers,

Courtesy Google images
It was my intention to write a review of The Pretty and Proper Living Room today, to tell you all about it.  But, there's too much to tell!  We're going to have to do this over several days!!! Next week, Monday-Friday is "Pretty and Proper Week!"

Here's a peek:  First of all, I was expecting so much from this book.  After all, I have had the pleasure of meeting Holly and visiting Fox Hall in person.  Her book is everything I was expecting plus so much more!  The pictures are amazing, her ideas are brilliant and she...thanks be! very clear about what is correct and what is incorrect.  Yes, there are such things!

In this "$6.95 all-you-can-eat/pump-it-yourself/anything goes" world we live in, we have lost the sense of proper living.  In my opinion, that is why Downton Abbey is so popular.  People long for civilized living.  Remember, in Downton, it's not just the "Upstairs" people that live properly...the "Downstairs" people do as well.  Go back 40 years and watch shows like The Waltons. A Virginia mountain family living in the midst of the Depression, barely carving out a living...yet dining together, using good manners and living a "proper" life.  It can be done!

So, dearest Readers, next week will be about "proper living" and will feature different aspects of the book. The most exciting news is that Holly has sent me a copy to be given to one of my readers!  So, starting on Monday, you can register for this fabulous give away and have your own Pretty and Proper!

Have a lovely weekend.... Make it pretty and proper! Eat with your best flatware, pull out that china teapot and teacups, polish your antiques and, as you pass the cloth over the beautiful wood, think about the artisan who created it so very many years ago. Think about what you already "have," but may not be "using."  I'll bet you discover you have more "Pretty and Proper" treasures than you think!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Taking Chances and Coming Attractions

Today was a day that was filled with tasks to complete. More decluttering, trips to Goodwill, appointments to make, a conference call on the calendar, and more!  So, what did I do? Well, except for the conference call, I played "hooky"...and am I glad I did. Not only did I see a movie that looked intriguing, I visited a new "art house" movie complex in Richmond, with petite "screening room" theatres. Since I was the only attendee at the 12 o'clock show, it was like being a studio executive having a private screening all to myself. I loved it!

If you are in the Richmond area, I urge you to check out the Criterion Cinemas, across the parking lot from the Bow Tie Cinemas Movieland building.

When I got home (just in time for the conference call), the mailman had been there...with my copy of The Pretty and Proper Living Room.  Check back tomorrow to get my complete review...and learn how you can win your own copy.  I will tell you this much...IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!  I only wish Miss Betty was still here to see it... She would have bought everyone on her Christmas list a copy!!

What did you do today?  You probably got a lot more accomplished than I did, but it's never too late to do something spontaneous. Play hooky by going to the park or a movie, or whatever you'd like.  It's a lot of fun...and really refreshing!!

Closed Circuit is the movie I saw today.  Excellent!

Cheers, Liz

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tips: Great Decorating Advice

Today I am pleased and privileged to introduce you all to the unbelievably talented Holly Holden.  You'll be hearing more about Holly as we discuss decorating over the next week or so, but you need to know about her new book TODAY!  I couldn't say it better than the book's press release, so I'll share that first:

Today, Connecticut-based interior designer Holly Holden launches her first book, “The Pretty and Proper Living Room,” in which she shares her “secret code” for classic and elegant design. Unlike many “how to” design books, “The Pretty and Proper Living Room” is as entertaining as it is informative, with personal playful anecdotes interwoven with detailed descriptions of how to acquire, display and maintain must-have items for a timeless living room.

Inspired by her daughter’s desire to create a house full of elegance, sophistication and refinement, Holly began jotting down guidelines and tips which ultimately grew into “The Pretty and Proper Living Room”. The first of the “Pretty and Proper” series, the book introduces newcomers to the prevalent themes of formal decorating and provides readers with the necessary knowledge to create their own stately interior with the goal of decorating once for a lifetime. In this gentle manual, Holly demonstrates how classic design can be comfortable and inviting, not pretentious or stuffy. Replete with practical advice and “no-no’s to know,” each chapter addresses specific items necessary to creating the quintessential genteel living room, from porcelain and pillows to chandeliers and candlesticks.“The Pretty and Proper Living Room” is available for purchase at Amazon as well as, for $55. 

What I want to say to you, beyond the press release, is that you will definitely want this book and you definitely want to get it through Holly's website.  There you have many options, including signed and personalized copies.  You also get more of a personal peek into Holly's world.

I met Holly this past May at a party she threw for a 
national historic preservation group of which I'm a 
member.  We have all been to these kinds of parties and the hosts and hostesses are always very kind and gracious, welcoming complete strangers into their homes.  Holly went so far above and beyond that by the time I left I felt I had truly made a new friend.  When I say her house is extraordinary, I mean every single syllable of that word.  Not only is Fox Hall an incredible historic structure, but Holly's attention to every detail and her choice of furniture, fabric and fabulous decorative accessories make a stunning presentation.  Literally a "stop in the door and 'ooh and ah' moment." also feel so welcome and comfortable in the space, you immediately get the sense of "home."  There is an energy and connectedness about it all that make it simply perfection!

My copy of The Pretty and Proper Living Room is winging its way to me as I write this.  As soon as it arrives, you will read my full review...but I can tell you, even knowing Holly as little as I do, it's going to be great!  If you are young and decorating your first house or apartment, it's for you!  If you're older (like I am) and thinking about refreshing your look or even just rearranging your furniture, it's for you, too!!

There's not enough "pretty and proper" in the world today. I am very grateful to Holly for bringing it back!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Musings: Seeing the Space

Now that I am achieving more space in these less cluttered rooms, I am thinking (and rethinking) about their arrangement.  Sometimes it's hard to see them differently than they already to "see" the floor plan differently, to see the space opened up....I do something very odd.  I stare at the ceiling.  It's pretty much the same space, just devoid of any furniture!  Although my master bedroom still has quite a bit of decluttering ahead, I am happy to report that there seems to be a lot of space I am excited about the possibilities!!

Tomorrow we are going to turn our attention to decorating and I am going to introduce you to an AMAZING woman and her equally amazing new book.  I think mine will be one of the first blogs to write about this book, and I am honored to say that I actually met this wonderful lady last spring, at a party at her extraordinary house in Farmington, Connecticut.  I cannot say enough about her and her talent....Can't wait for you to "meet" her!

In the meantime....Look UP!...How are YOUR ceilings?  What do they tell you about your space?

In honor of ceilings, here's Fred Astaire's famous "dancing on the ceiling" number from Royal Wedding. I love this YouTube video because it shows you how they turned the set as he danced, making the magic happen!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Sermon: Do Not Build Up Treasures Here On Earth

Clutter-free entry hall....
A good start!

Looks like I am not the only one in the blogosphere who is feeling the need to lighten their load.  Granted, we are mostly in the same age bracket....but I think it's a universal truth.  I suppose something comes upon us in our late 40's/early 50's. Our children are growing up and our parents being called to their (and one day our) heavenly home.  We have a lot of "stuff."  But we also come to realize that peace does not come by having more possessions than we can use or care for.  And that kind of abundance doesn't bring happiness, either.  It is a weight that ends up putting pressure on us that we might not even realize until it's almost too late.

We start life as a single people with a manageable amount, often marry and sometimes double our possessions, but usually jettison some extra if/when we merge our lives.  But when children come along, that's often the beginning of the end.  Stuff galore!!

Then we hit the point I mentioned at the beginning of this post and we more or less revolt!  At least I feel like I am having my 1776 moment.  Others are as well...

Check out our friend Kathie Truitt's story (The Hillbilly Debutante) here.

Or read the brilliant ADG's take on moving in his blog, Maxminimus, here.

Thankfully there are members of the younger generation who give me real hope for the future!  Their perspective seems much better than that of my generation's.  (Yes, we were the "Yuppies." Excess was "in.")

I love Jennifer L. Scott (author of Lessons from Madame Chic) and her take on having a seasonal capsule wardrobe of 10 items (plus extra t-shirts/blouses).  Seriously!  Look in your closets...just how much of what is in there do you really wear?  I shocked myself when I faced my truth. A lot of those clothes are now blessing others.

Here's Jennifer's video to get you started!  Read her blog, The Daily Connoisseur for more!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Scurrying

Reebok treadmill photo courtesy

We are scurrying around today....So much is going out of this house.  How refreshing!!

I have sold my Pilates equipment via Craigslist and today the treadmill goes the same way.... Yay!

The former storeroom/makeshift office will now become a decent Office/Media Room.  Yes, "decent" deserves Capital Letters!!!  I won't take a "before" picture in its current cluttered state, but will photograph it before renovation, during and after.  We desperately need this room!!

By the time the attic and basement are finished, I am going to need someone talented to haul off a bunch of junk.  Have any of you ever used 1-800-Got Junk? I see their trucks around Richmond, but have never used them.  Suggestions?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Find: Support

I find that I need guidance and support in organization....and books and magazine articles just aren't doing all that I need.  So, I have hired a coach!  We'll be working together this month and I will report back to my readers on what I know will be FABULOUS results!!

Photo from
Her name is Debbie Bowie and her website is  Debbie has some great ideas and is trained to incorporate feng shui into organization.  I have actually applied some bits and pieces of feng shui to organizing projects before, and they have worked well for me, as they relate to how my brain processes a space.   There is a symmetry and clean simplicity about the result that really appeals to me. Just as the arrangement of a "Japanese garden" is one of my favorite forms of landscaping. (*I do, however, want to clarify by saying for me these are space arrangements only, not spiritual practices...Jesus is the "energy" in our home!)

Check out Debbie's website and her books.  Listen to this great teleseminar on ADD/ADHD and organizing.  I am not diagnosed as ADD, but have many of the issues she discusses.  She is a very insightful, talented lady... and my house will be quite a challenge I am sure...but I am looking forward to working with her!!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

I love a good deal...and since we are "refreshing" our lower level and my daughters' room, today's Groupon email really caught my eye!

This is an online deal, so although it's based out of Texas, it's offered to all. Usually $112, they're available for $29.99 each or two for $49.99!

Click here to see the specifics. 

Seems like a great price, too.  I cannot guarantee this company's work, and don't know any more about it that you do, probably... but I think I might get a couple!

Photos on canvas can be an easy, inexpensive and attractive way to decorate!

Which photo of yours would YOU choose to hang on your wall?  I'm thinking one from our time in Delray Beach...


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Orchids in the conservatory at Richmond's Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.
I played hooky today.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

Photo courtesy of Spoonfed's website
Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite places in Richmond... Spoonfed.

Only a few blocks from my house, Spoonfed is the pick-up spot for delicious lunches and dinners from one of Richmond's best caterers, The Silver Spoon. Tonight my family is going to have yummy turkey tetrazzini and accompanying salad....all courtesy Spoonfed. And I am getting more done around the house, because I don't have to cook!

My thought for today is "Collaborate!"  Find others to assist you in your'll be glad you did!!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Miracles: Letting Go

Not much time to blog today...more clearing, cleaning and decluttering!  Wow!!  We've gotten a lot done, but we have a lot more to do.

I have really been thinking about my life in the last few days/weeks and how much "stuff" one needs to have.  More specifically, how much stuff one needs to keep.  I have a lot of inherited items...from the ridiculous to the sublime, but they are weighing me down.  For five years I have felt guilty about letting go...especially hearing Miss Betty's voice in my head, saying... "You are doing WHAT?  Getting rid of my _____? How can you??"

The thing that has released me is this scripture:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Matthew 6:19-21

So, Miss Betty, I hope you will forgive me... I have to live MY life, and not yours.  I know these things will be blessings to others as they go on their way... Your things may not always be in my house, but you will be in my heart forever.

See you all tomorrow... Cheers, Liz

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Silent Sunday

It's Sunday, September 1st!  Hope you had a great day!!!

We started at worship and had a marvelous church and Sunday School day.  In just a minute, I will be uploading today's sermon to our blogcast page, so if you didn't get to go to church today, feel free to log on to and go to the Podcast page for some inspirational words!!

I will tell you more about this month on Tuesday, but to say it quickly, I am making HUGE changes in my life.  I am recommitting to my eating plan (25 lbs down and 15 more to go), I am totally decluttering my inspired by my friends Kathie Truitt (The Hillbilly Debutante) and Molly C., who lives here in Richmond.  I am about 1/4 of the way there....tons have gone to Goodwill, and my mood has lightened considerably.  It's literally a "lighter" feeling.  I LOVE IT!!!!

Look for a post each of the 30 days of September.  I have some fun little ideas to share along the way...

P.S., My family is involved in the decluttering.  By 5pm tomorrow they will truly know the meaning of Labor Day!