Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reading (Seeing!)

Daughters in their Ray-Ban frames
More on my favorite books this weekend....but a quick family update first! Reading is now a breeze..because we can all see!

Recently we all went to our new eye doctor (whom we love) and we all needed glasses or a lens update.  I kept my same frames, since my prescription only changed a little, but both daughters needed glasses and hadn't had to have them since they were in middle school.  They picked out Ray-Ban frames, which are so attractive, and an hour later were on their way.  I think they look great!  (Younger Daughter had been having headaches and I think her glasses will really help that.  As she said, "I could see before, but now everything is in HD!")

Mine are from Tiffany & Co....bought on sale at Lens Crafters!

Do you wear glasses?

Are your frames traditionally "preppy" or have you gone for a more cutting edge option??  Please share!

Cheers, Liz

P.S. Check out this great article on preppy glasses! (Ivy Style)

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