Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday: Ideas Galore!

When I was younger and decorating our first house in Richmond, Miss Betty introduced me to the divine Bunny Williams (figuratively, not literally, that is).  My education started early... I was hearing about Billy Baldwin, Sister Parish, Eleanor Brown, etc. from when I was a little girl!  My mother believed in learning from the best.

Ms. Williams' books are incredibly inspiring and, like the work of the other contemporary designers and lifestyle experts I am highlighting this week, very encouraging as well.  I know what I like...but sometimes I am just not sure how to get there....or even "if" I can get there!  I need encouragement.  No...let's get real.....I need HELP!

Here is Ms. Williams' bio from her website....I couldn't write it any better, so will quote it verbatim:

Bunny opened her own interior design company, Bunny Williams Incorporated, in 1988 after twenty-two years with the venerable decorating firm, Parish-Hadley Associates. Schooled in the classics, restraint and appropriateness are hallmarks of Bunny’s style. Objects, patterns, textures and colors, beautifully balanced, have an appealing undisciplined look — the direct result of great focus and meticulous planning. Bunny Williams’ passion for design extends beyond interiors into the garden. Bunny co-owns Treillage Ltd., a garden furniture and ornament shop in New York, with antiques dealer John Rosselli.

While beautiful rooms are Bunny’s first consideration, client service and attention to detail are of the utmost importance.

Attention to detail

That is such an important thing in this flashy, trendy "buy it one day-dispose of it the next" world we live in....because detail is often overlooked or, more accurately, completely disregarded. 

Look at most of the houses you see on shows like The Real Housewives franchise. You know what I mean!  Besides little to no detail, there is no sense that anything has any real depth, history or meaning to it.

You may recall my post from this past fall that I was fortunate enough to spend an afternoon in Charlottesville with Charlotte Moss, learning about her process of pulling ideas together and making notebooks or scrapbooks full of what you love. Books full of delicious detail! *

Bunny Williams is another devotee of pulling together ideas in this way and she has written equally inspiring books on the process. To go to her website's book page, click here.  When that page opens, click on the particular book(s) you're interested in.  Although her books are available on other sites (see the Classic Preppy Bookstore for links through, going to her website's book page allows you to order books signed by Ms. Williams. (If you're like I am, that's a must-have!)

Yesterday, I reminded you of my book I thought you might enjoy a few of the hundreds of beautiful photos from her website, which are highlights of her exquisite work.  She seems very comfortable with books in a room.  I like that in a designer!

All photos courtesy of

* Stay tuned for next Monday's post, when I will share own my house idea book with you!! 

In the meantime, you'll definitely want to check back in tomorrow.  I am going to introduce you to a designer/lifestyle guru who takes encouragement to a whole new level....and we are going to have so much fun!!!


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