Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: More On Billy Baldwin

Growing up, I heard Miss Betty talk about Billy Baldwin so much that I thought he must be some friend or relative that I just hadn't met yet. Not so....He was just Miss Betty's idea of the perfect decorator. And so my education began! Out of the hundreds of "coffee table" books on decoration which I inherited from Miss Betty, I must say that this is my favorite.

Out of print now, it is still available if you look for it.

Amazon has book sellers offering it through their stores here.

You can also find copies through the American Book Exchange (which is actually international) by clicking here.

(When I checked today, had the best prices!)

There are many pictures from this book that are repeated in the new book on Billy Baldwin, which I featured yesterday and which is highlighted on the sidebar to the right.  It, too, is a beautiful book, although I think the author delves far too deeply into Mr. Baldwin's personal life and is actually somewhat catty in some of his comments.  I ordered the book wanting to know more about Mr. Baldwin's work in design, not about the details of whom he was living with and when.  That is not "classic"....but it is the way of the world today (sadly).  So, enough about that....Let's look at Billy Baldwin Decorates!

These pictures were taken with my iPhone, since I didn't want to damage the book's spine with my scanner.

All photos from "Billy Baldwin Decorates" 

The last picture really says "Miss Betty" to me....not for the art on the wall, or the bright colors....but for the sisal rug.  Miss Betty loved her sisal rugs, and she passed that love on to me. Tomorrow I will share examples of Mr. Baldwin's influence in my life and talk about making a house "wish book."

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. I absolutely love that book, also! And that kind of sisal rug! It comes in 12" squares; and it looks like diamonds on the floor.

    They are really hard to find now! But, the decorator Jeffrey Bilhuber uses them all the time!!

    I finally found them!

    I love your blog!