Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: Make It Fun!!

Some articles just write themselves....because there is so much great material on hand.  This is one of those articles!

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Today I want to introduce you to someone you will absolutely love, because she's so much fun..... Ms. Frances Schultz.  You may know Frances already, since she is the former editor-at-large for Veranda magazine.  Or perhaps you know her from her entertaining and informative work on cable television's Southern Living Presents....or from her books or blog. 

Maybe you followed along as she redid Bee Cottage, her house in East Hampton, which was featured in House Beautiful magazine. 
(To see the inspirational "before and after" series of pictures from that project, click here.)

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Well, no matter what you know about Frances...there's even more to let's go!! here to read a more detailed version of her bio. She's from North Carolina, but has lived and worked in Richmond, Atlanta, and New York. 

She and her husband (they're newlyweds!!) also spend quite a bit of time in California.

Next, you must see Frances in action, in clips from her television series.  Just click on the video! (She makes everything look like so much fun....and her enthusiasm is infectious!  What she says about giving a dinner party and not feeling like you have to be Martha Stewart was meant for me!)

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Now, go over to the side bar and click on her book, A House in the South," to visit Amazon and read more about it!

(I just ordered it, to add to my ever-growing library.  Simply can't wait to get it!!)

And, finally... Take some time today to visit her website and read more about the books she has written.  (Personally, I want to hear more about her work with Ryan Gainey.  I met Ryan back in the early 80's, through our mutual friend, Buck Newman, and was honored to have visited his amazing house in Decatur...not too far from where I went to college.  To be frank, Buck was out with some of this theatrical friends, including yours truly, and he insisted we drop in on Ryan unannounced.  Ryan was very kind and welcomed all of us warmly!)

When you're visiting Frances' website, take the time to read through previous posts on her homepage, which serves as her blog about her life....You'll be glad you did!  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter too. You'll be hearing more about her on The Classic Preppy in the future!


  1. Miss Betty always said, "Never talk about yourself in general....and definitely never brag on yourself." I hope I'm not doing that when I share the email I just received from Frances Schultz!!

    "Goodness gracious Ms. Liz!
    What an honor, and what a lot to live up to. I am so touched I'm at a bit of a loss for words, which doesn't happen often. When I can compose myself, I'll be back. Until then, thank you from the bottom of my blog and heart. You are quite the inspiration yourself there, missy.
    Gratefully, Frances"

    Makes my day! Thank you, Frances!!

  2. I first saw Frances on the Nate Berkus Show, have been a fan ever since. She is funny, kind, witty, insanely talented. Her posts always make me laugh, think and if I'm having a bumpy day, help me put things back in perspective. She shares her life and adventures through her marvelous blog. I think she's tops. Coincidentally, I got "A House in the South" for Christmas, love, love, love it!