Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Finishes

Needlepoint is quite an investment.....the canvas, fibers and "finishing" (especially the finishing!).  Here are some needlepoint pieces I love, and the different finishes I (or those who have given to me) have chosen:

So, let's put on our needlepoint shoes (I didn't create these, but got them for a great deal!).....

And let's start in the upstairs guest room.... The footstool and pillow with the green background were done by my great aunt,  Helen Ragsdale:

I bought this pillow back in the 1980's for about $25.  Even back then you couldn't buy the materials for that amount! (A lot of inexpensive needlepoint comes from China, where I believe the workers are not paid very much for the incredible work they produce.  Therefore, even with retail markup, it's a "steal.")

Leaving the guest room, we'll cross the hall and proceed down a smaller hallway which opens into the master bedroom suite.

This little pillow/sign hangs on my bathroom door....And the framed piece hangs just behind the door to the room.

Hanging on the wall of the little hallway that leads from the main hall into the master bedroom is this amazing needlepoint tryptic, done by my husband's great aunt, Kate Hartman.  It is about six feet tall and it is a thing of beauty.  It is framed as a three paneled screen, and used to be in a corner of my in-laws' living room.  My husband inherited it, but let me choose where to put it in "the gracious home" (as my dear friend and decorator calls my house).  He didn't really have a choice.  I knew exactly where it needed to live.  This little hallway is perfect, because it is viewable from the main hallway (as long as the master bedroom is neat and I can leave the door open) and since it is an interior hall, it has no window.  Since its lights are on a dimmer switch, I can control how much light the piece gets, which is important in textile conservation!

Close up views.... Notice the petit point worked in to the larger design....

On a sofa in the sitting area of the master bedroom is a large Ehrman Tapestry water lily pillow which I did in 1998.  Sometimes I work my initials into a piece, and sometimes the year.... This pillow was fun to stitch, because it was on 10 point canvas.  Fewer stitches per inch means fast work (and it's easier to see what you are doing, too)!

Back to my current project!   When it's "finished" I'll share a photo....  Cheers, Liz

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