Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Find: UK Style

When we moved to Richmond and bought a house on Monument Avenue, we had a real design challenge.  Although the kitchen had been redone, and was a thing of beauty (thanks to the previous owners), the countertops were a color choice I wouldn't have made.  But, they were a brand new, expensive choice....and I just couldn't change them right then.  So, I decided the kitchen, which opened into a beautiful breakfast room just needed a new wallpaper, to make it "right."

I looked and looked, trying to find the perfect paper, and when I came across a book of a designer then unknown to me, found just what I needed. England's Nina Campbell was the answer to my problem!

If you don't know her work, spend some time on her website....or try to find one of her beautiful coffee table books.  Besides being a brilliantly talented interior designer, her online store also sells exquisite accessories and fun vintage finds.  I think you'll like what you see!

It's been so much fun, writing about my favorite living legends this week... Spend some time with them via their websites and their Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter sites, too.  You'll be glad you did!

Next week, we'll look at some legends who left their mark on this world in beautiful design....and we'll talk about how both the past and the present influence how we decorate our houses and live our lives.  Like dear Lilly Pulitzer, whom we lost at the beginning of the week....legends have a way of being influential long after they are gone....

All photos courtesy or the Nina Campbell Facebook page

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  1. What a darling webpage! I love her designs.. Thank you so very much for sharing. :) Have a wonderful weekend.